Adam and Eve in a Young Earth Worldview: An Interview with John Mark Reynolds

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When it comes to the Genesis creation account and historical Adam and Eve, a young earth creationist view is perhaps the most well-known contender inside the church. It certainly is well-known outside the church as the culture at large takes it to be a hallmark feature of Christian doctrines as a whole. Andy and Terry continue in this series on historical Adam and Eve as they interview Dr. John Mark Reynolds to get his perspective on the issues of origin.

Links & Articles

John Mark Reynold’s blog

When Athens Met Jerusalem: An Introduction to Classical and Christian Thought by John Mark Reynolds

Three Views on Creation and Evolution eds. J. P. Moreland and John Mark Reynolds

Saint Constantine School

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  1. How refreshing to hear a young-earth perspective that didn’t accuse all the other views of heresy, liberalism, etc, and instead dealt with the actual strengths and weaknesses of the views. At the end of this interview I was left with some real substance and new ideas to think about, not just a bad taste in my mouth. Thanks Andy, Terry, and John Mark. I think I’ll go out and order his book and read it!

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