Under Fire on Ground Neutral: A Crackdown on the Freedom of Inquiry

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An obscure graduate student from Wilfrid Laurier University burst out onto the media recently. Lindsay Shepherd, a TA, presented arguments for and against the use of gender-neutral pronouns in a class. Then something happened that she never expected: even the mere act of presenting arguments got her summoned by the administrators of the school to be reprimanded. In the wake of this incident, the discussion on the freedom of inquiry and speech is rekindled. In this week’s episode of the AC Podcast, Steve and Terry throw in their two cents.

Links & Articles

Laurier university starts independent probe after teaching assistant plays clip of gender debate from The Toronto Star

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Lindsay Shepherd LIVE: Free Speech Battle with Laurier University from The Rubin Report

Lindsay Shepherd: My Laurier interrogation shows universities have lost sight of their purpose from National Post

Christie Blatchford: Thought police strike again as Wilfrid Laurier grad student is chastised for showing Jordan Peterson video from National Post

Teaching assistant who was sanctioned questions sincerity of Wilfrid Laurier University’s apology from CBC News

Sensitivity framing is crucial in the classroom from The Globe and Mail

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