Beyond Evolution

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If you are a regular listener of our podcast, you may remember us mentioning the CRISPR technology. It’s a revolutionary genetic engineering technology that allows us to copy & paste genetic codes like we would a word processing document. In Oregon, this technology was tried on human embryos. Join the Apologetics Canada Crew as they explore the ethical concerns from various angles.

Links & Articles

Modification of genes in human embryos could mark turning point in human evolution from The Globe and Mail

Human Enhancement by Julian Savulescu and Nick Bostrom eds.

Biotechnology and the Human Good by C. Ben Mitchell, Edmund D. Pellegrino, Jean Bethke Elshtain, John F. Kilner, and Scott Rae

A Conservative Christian Critique of Religious Transhumanism by Carl Teichrib

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  1. Listened to the podcast and appreciated the approach. Thanks, also, for providing a video link to the Christian critique given during the 2013 MTA meeting.

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