Gender Identity Crisis: An Interview with Paul Dirks

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You may remember from a recent episode that Steve and Terry attended a local meeting of concerned parents against the SOGI curriculum. Apologetics Canada invited the first presenter of the evening, Paul Dirks, on the show today to hear from him what is going on in our schools and what he learned in his research on the LGBTQ issues.

Links & Articles

PowerPoint Slides of Paul’s research

Woman Means Something Campaign

Culture Guard

Parents United Canada

Residential schools experience a warning for fallout of Bill 28 from The Hamilton Spectator

Opinion: Parents not getting all the facts from sexual orientation and gender identity critics from Vancouver Sun

Response to Lisa Salazar article in the Vancouver Sun by Paul Dirks from Culture Guard

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  1. -Truth is needed -truth in love;
    grace is needed -the grace of God for change to take place
    and faith against is needed,
    in order for the non-believer in Jesus Christ to actually see what we believe affects life for _all_ people’s good:
    We need a bravery in love that actually says, ‘You are wrong here: wrong before God and wrong before all society and its needs.’ Completely understood.

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