Dehumanizing Implications of AI: Report from Cambridge and World Congress (Pt. 2)

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What is a bottom-up worldview? What is a top-down worldview? Which one can account for human dignity in the face of some who seek to create “persons” through artificial intelligence? Is there a relationship between imitation and being? Andy, Terry, and Steve come together this week to continue where they left off with Andy’s report from Cambridge and World Congress. …

Deepfake: When the Theoretical Rubber Meets the Practical Road

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Our thinking on ethics and law seems to be playing catch-up with the development of new technology. This seems to be the case with Deepfake. What makes this technology particularly interesting is that it betrays what we really think about truth and morality. What happens when the theoretical rubber meets the practical road? Links & Articles Deepfake on Wikipedia

Imaged: Navigating Dignity in a Technological Age

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PARENTAL ADVISORY: The episode addresses mature subject matter at about the 29 minute mark. Technology has an interesting way of raising deeper questions for us. It invites us to scrutinize what we used to take for granted, or, at times, it raises a set of questions we’d never considered before. Check out this week’s edition of the AC Podcast to …

Artificial Intelligence: What is It?

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Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds in our time. It is advancing so far, in fact, as to throw into question what it means to be human. We are struggling in our thinking to keep up with the pace at which technology is advancing. Today, the AC crew addresses the question of artificial intelligence and how it connects with …

Industrial Revolution 2.0?: Rendering Humans Obsolete

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Technology has been, and still is, our way of life. But, with the break-neck pace at which technology has been advancing, many questions and concerns arise. One such question is, “What is the future of work for humans?” The first and the second Industrial Revolution have drastically changed the way we work, but will the new Industrial Revolution render humanity …