Can We Trust the Gospels?: An Interview with Dr. Peter J. Williams

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The Gospels portray the most famous and influential figure in all of human history – Jesus of Nazareth. Billions worship him as the unique Son of God. Even those who do not worship him still consider him to be an important moral teacher. But what reason do we have to trust the Gospels? Andy had an opportunity to sit down …

Why These Books in the New Testament? Part Deux

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What would happen if we were to discover additional writings by Apostle Paul? Should we include that in the canon or not? What about the forged documents we know of? Do we have reason to be confident that, say, the four Gospels are not forged? Andy and Terry continue their interview with Wesley Huff on the questions of the Bible …

Why These Books in the New Testament?

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If you’ve ever wondered how the books in the New Testament came to be included in the Bible, you are not alone. While books like The Da Vinci Code would have us believe that the books in the New Testament were arbitrarily chosen for the purpose of power, a less sensational and more careful study seems to disappoint fans of …

Is My Bible Reliable?: An Interview with Wesley Huff, PhD(c)

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The apologetic endeavour of the Church comes in many varieties. One indispensable area of this is the Christian case-making for the reliability of Scripture. Is my Bible trustworthy? To answer this question, Andy and Terry invited Wesley Huff to the show. Come meet Wesley, and hear how his doctoral study of the New Testament has impacted his faith. Links & …

Fragments of Truth: An Interview with Dr. Craig Evans

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If you’ve been exposed to Christian apologetics for any length of time, you have likely heard about ancient New Testament manuscripts and their importance. With critics of Christianity questioning the reliability of the New Testament, what reasons do we have to think that what we have in our modern translations is what the early Christians communities had almost two millennia …

How Do We Know The New Testament Documents Were Written In the First Century?

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Dr. Frank Turek of explains in simple term why we know that the N.T. documents must have been written in the first century. He is one of our keynote speakers at this year’s Apologetics Canada Conference! Can’t attend the conference? The recordings of the conference will be made available in April on our online store.

The Case Against Christ: A Critical Review

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In his book, The Case against Christ, Matthew McCormick, suggests various ways in which God could have/should have provided better evidence for the miraculous, especially the resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ (chapter 8). About his criteria he writes, “The problem is that as far as we can determine, not a single alleged religious miracle in all of human history …