How Should I Live?

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If you could create a kingdom, what kind of rules would you make for people to follow? Would they be good rules or bad rules? How would we know? Our hosts, Rachel and Reece, brought on special guests, Sam and Tristan, to talk about it. For more information, please visit us at The Human Project for Kids website.

Take Me To Your Leader: On Aliens, Brains, and a Secular Worldview

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There are many things that seem bizarre to us in our universe. Some are distant and we are not quite sure they even exist, like aliens. Others are as close to us as can be and we can know with virtual certainly that they exist, like our minds. Andy, Terry, and Steve are back to thrown in their two cents …

What Leads to Human Flourishing?: The Human Project Session Three

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In history, we see peoples and governments trying to achieve utopia through social engineering projects. Some of these have resulted in crises that we hadn’t foreseen. What was meant to lead to human flourishing in fact created the opposite. What then does lead to human flourishing? How does the question of what is human and its value inform how we …

Should Christians Use Birth Control?

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Is there room for contraception within Christianity? How does the Big Picture inform our choices on contraception for Christians, and what are some theological, philosophical, and ethical implications of using contraception? What kind of contraceptive methods (currently) might be questionable and why? Is the pill you are taking abortifacient? Andy (Yes, he is back!), Steve, and Terry are back to …