The Future of Abortion in Canada and the US

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Abortion, once thought to be a settled issue, has sharply come into focus again with the shifting political atmosphere in Canada and the US, particularly with the new pro-life laws coming into effect in the State of Georgia and Alabama. Emotions are running wild on both sides of the debate, as they both try to protect what they consider to …

Warning: Moral Inversion Ahead

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Can you be too committed to morality? We’ve seen in the 20th century (and others) how good intentions can lead to horrific atrocities. The Hungarian scientist, Michael Polanyi, saw in his day what was coming and called this a “moral inversion.” Is our own culture also ripe for a moral inversion? The AC team invited Dr. Andrew Grosso, a friend …

Modern-Day Hermits: The Global Threat of Social Withdrawal

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From a battery-operated fan attached to chopsticks to cool down noodles, to people who get paid to shove people onto the commuter train during rush hours, Japan has a reputation for strange things. Have you heard of the hikikomori? These are people who have withdrawn themselves from society in Japan. The problem is, this is not limited to Japan. More …

Arrested Development: Discussing Insights from the Renegotiating Faith Study

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You may remember the study, Hemorrhaging Faith, a number of years ago which looked into the phenomenon of millennials leaving the church in large numbers in Canada. There’s been a follow-up study that was done to look at the transitioning period for young adults. What might be going through the mind of the young adults during this phase that some …

Toxic Masculinity

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“Boys will be boys.” This phrase, when used as a way to excuse poor behaviour from men, betrays a much deeper social problem. Following a string of relatively recent episodes of corporate social activism, Gillette came out with a commercial addressing toxic masculinity, inciting strong reactions both for and against said commercial. Andy, Terry, and Steve invite a friend of …

The Future of Apologetics: With Voices from the Past

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If you’ve been a regular listener, you are in for a treat. As the AC Podcast celebrates its 200th episode milestone, Terry and Steve bring on a blast (two, to be exact) from the past. Join us for this special edition of the AC Podcast where we retrace Apologetics Canada’s footsteps and look ahead to where we are headed. Links …

Won’t You Be My Neighbour?

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Many adults both in Canada and the US remember seeing Fred Rogers growing up. In many ways, he was the hallmark of our childhood TV experience. This highly influential public TV figure with an air of a friendly grandpa about him was featured in a recent biographical documentary. In this week’s episode of AC Podcast, Andy, Terry, and Steve sat …

Meet Generation Z: An Interview with James Emery White

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The Baby Boomers, the Generation X, the Millennials, and, now, the Generation Z. Who are the Generation Z? What is their outlook on the world? How is the digital environment shaping them, and what does it mean for them to be a post-Christian generation? When we send missionaries overseas, we intuitively understand that they need to learn the language and …

What Do You Meme By That?

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Few things describe our social media culture better than memes: pithy, punchy, attention-grabbing, and often unsubstantial. Today, Steve and Terry come together to respond to a number of atheist memes. How can memes be helpful in the life of the mind? Find out in this week’s episode of the AC Podcast. Memes We Responded To

Science Says Having Kids Isn’t Worth It

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In a Western culture like ours that has been shaped by Judeo-Christian values, children are considered very precious and important. It is taken for granted that bringing forth life is a good thing. Yet, with the erosion of the Judeo-Christian foundation in an increasingly secular West, some would dare challenge this conventional wisdom. Is having children worth the loss of …