Why These Books in the New Testament? Part Deux

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What would happen if we were to discover additional writings by Apostle Paul? Should we include that in the canon or not? What about the forged documents we know of? Do we have reason to be confident that, say, the four Gospels are not forged? Andy and Terry continue their interview with Wesley Huff on the questions of the Bible …

Why These Books in the New Testament?

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If you’ve ever wondered how the books in the New Testament came to be included in the Bible, you are not alone. While books like The Da Vinci Code would have us believe that the books in the New Testament were arbitrarily chosen for the purpose of power, a less sensational and more careful study seems to disappoint fans of …

Is My Bible Reliable?: An Interview with Wesley Huff, PhD(c)

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The apologetic endeavour of the Church comes in many varieties. One indispensable area of this is the Christian case-making for the reliability of Scripture. Is my Bible trustworthy? To answer this question, Andy and Terry invited Wesley Huff to the show. Come meet Wesley, and hear how his doctoral study of the New Testament has impacted his faith. Links & …

The Bible vs. The Qur’an

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Apologetics Canada Conference 2016 in Toronto (a.k.a. Thinking? Conference 2016) featured a debate between Dr. Tony Costa and Sadat Anwar on The Bible vs. The Qur’an. Andy Steiger was there to moderate the debate. This video is found on Thinking? Conference Toronto 2016 YouTube page. Visit the page for more video resources.