Imaged: Navigating Dignity in a Technological Age

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PARENTAL ADVISORY: The episode addresses mature subject matter at about the 29 minute mark. Technology has an interesting way of raising deeper questions for us. It invites us to scrutinize what we used to take for granted, or, at times, it raises a set of questions we’d never considered before. Check out this week’s edition of the AC Podcast to …

How Should I Live?

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If you could create a kingdom, what kind of rules would you make for people to follow? Would they be good rules or bad rules? How would we know? Our hosts, Rachel and Reece, brought on special guests, Sam and Tristan, to talk about it. For more information, please visit us at The Human Project for Kids website.

What is Human?: The Human Project Session One

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What is human? Are we stardust? Bags of chemicals on bones? Or something more? Our answer to this question has practical consequences that can spell out the life and death of millions. Yet, how are we to go about answering this question if God becomes irrelevant to us culturally? This week, Andy, Steve, and Terry begin a 4-part series on …