The Future of Abortion in Canada and the US

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Abortion, once thought to be a settled issue, has sharply come into focus again with the shifting political atmosphere in Canada and the US, particularly with the new pro-life laws coming into effect in the State of Georgia and Alabama. Emotions are running wild on both sides of the debate, as they both try to protect what they consider to …

Cheating on Your Worldview: Cosmopolitan and Thinking on Abortion, Down Syndrome, and Modelling

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I stood and watched the decision making process unfold. The two little boys had received just enough money for each to have an amusement ride at the mall. Given the opportunity to choose first between the two options, the older boy’s eyes darted back and forth from the race car to the horse. Impulsively, he chose the horse and hopped …

Moral Argument, Another Video from CMP

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We are having a little detour with Steve ‘n Chris today. If you are an apologetics junkie like we are, you’ve probably heard the moral argument. Join us as we touch on it today. What’s Making News? Outro Music “Nameless: the Hackers Title Screen” by BoxCat Games Available on the Free Music Archive Under CC BY license