The Future of Apologetics: With Voices from the Past

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If you’ve been a regular listener, you are in for a treat. As the AC Podcast celebrates its 200th episode milestone, Terry and Steve bring on a blast (two, to be exact) from the past. Join us for this special edition of the AC Podcast where we retrace Apologetics Canada’s footsteps and look ahead to where we are headed. Links …

Confident Pluralism: An Interview with Dr. John D. Inazu

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We live in a society with a plurality of views. This can be a good thing, but, as we’ve all been observing lately in the realm of politics, this is most certainly a challenging thing. How should we, Christians and non-Christians alike, navigate the turbulent waters of a pluralistic society? Andy and Terry are back this week to interview Dr. …

Faith Beyond Belief: An Interview with Jojo Ruba

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Are you looking for solid Canadian apologetics ministries? Steve is back this week to introduce you to one of them. In this week’s episode, he interviews Jojo Ruba, the Executive Director of Faith Beyond Belief, a Christian worldview training organization based in Calgary, AB. Tune in this week to learn more about what Faith Beyond Belief does and what Jojo …

How Should I Live?

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If you could create a kingdom, what kind of rules would you make for people to follow? Would they be good rules or bad rules? How would we know? Our hosts, Rachel and Reece, brought on special guests, Sam and Tristan, to talk about it. For more information, please visit us at The Human Project for Kids website.

Won’t You Be My Neighbour?

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Many adults both in Canada and the US remember seeing Fred Rogers growing up. In many ways, he was the hallmark of our childhood TV experience. This highly influential public TV figure with an air of a friendly grandpa about him was featured in a recent biographical documentary. In this week’s episode of AC Podcast, Andy, Terry, and Steve sat …

How the West Really Lost God

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Conventional wisdom says that secularization is the result of increasing access and quality of education and affluence. This seems to explain why it is that secularism is more prevalent in wealthy Western countries. Yet, when sociological data is examined more rigorously, this theory of secularization seems lacking. Andy, Terry, and Steve are back this week to discuss a couple of …

Why Does God Allow Evil?

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While some objections to Christianity seem to be more or less time-bound fads, others seem to be perennial. The question of evil and suffering is one such question. This is particularly a problem for the Judeo-Christian worldview which posits an all-powerful and all-loving God. A number of years ago, at our annual apologetics conference, we had the privilege of hearing …