Name the Colours: Overcoming Racism Without Overcoming Race

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March 21st is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Except for the radical political fringe, people from across the political spectrum agree that it should be eliminated. Curious what the Apologetics Canada team is thinking on this issue? An Asian, a Native, and a Caucasian walked into the studio to discuss this. Links & Articles International Day …

Biohacking: Being Fit for the Future?

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Everyone agrees that technology is advancing quickly. Yet, the ethical complications seem the greatest when it comes to the advancement of biotechnology. With technology now on the horizon to be able to edit our genes like Word documents, the question of human dignity is being highlighted. Steve shares a sampling from his talk he gave at the Apologetics Canada Conference …

Science & Theology: Friend or Foe?

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Have you heard of Michael Polanyi? He was a top-notch scientist in his day who would have surely won the Nobel Prize. He was even inducted into the Royal Society. This promising scientist suddenly changed his course and jumped head-long into philosophy. Why would a scientist do this? Learn more in this week’s episode of AC Podcast with Andy Steiger, …

Multiple Loves

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Polyamory – the philosophy of being romantically involved with multiple persons at the same time – is on the rise. From Hollywood stars to your average social media consumer, people are advocating for “open marriage.” As one might expect, this minority view is also starting to find a foothold in our universities. A philosophy professor from a local university has …

How Do We Know The New Testament Documents Were Written In the First Century?

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Dr. Frank Turek of explains in simple term why we know that the N.T. documents must have been written in the first century. He is one of our keynote speakers at this year’s Apologetics Canada Conference! Can’t attend the conference? The recordings of the conference will be made available in April on our online store.

Get Real about Porn

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The clearest example of our hyper-sexualized Western culture is the prevalence of pornography. With the ubiquitous presence of the Internet, millions of images and videos are at our fingertips. Now, we don’t have to go find pornography; it finds us – and our children. Links & Articles How porn fuels sexual violence: A conversation with Dr. Mary Anne Layden from …

Is Empathy Bad?

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Is empathy a good thing? In an era with a heightened sense of social justice, most people would not hesitate to say “yes.” What better way to motivate positive change in the world than empathizing with those who are suffering? Yet, some academics, like Paul Bloom, would argue the opposite; empathy is a bad thing, because it blinds us to …

Industrial Revolution 2.0?: Rendering Humans Obsolete

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Technology has been, and still is, our way of life. But, with the break-neck pace at which technology has been advancing, many questions and concerns arise. One such question is, “What is the future of work for humans?” The first and the second Industrial Revolution have drastically changed the way we work, but will the new Industrial Revolution render humanity …

A Bull in a China Shop: A Christian Response to The Travel Ban

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President Donald Trump signed an executive order on January 27, 2017, imposing a travel ban on people from several Muslim-majority countries, barring their entry into the US. Further, he has mentioned that Christians would be given preference when granting the refugee status. This has caused an uproar in the media where many are calling this travel ban a “Muslim ban.” …