Jude 3 Project: An Interview with Lisa Fields

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Most Christian endeavours are multi-front efforts, and apologetics is no exception. This is to be expected, given that different communities come with different experiences. The same spiritual need manifests itself in different ways. For today’s edition of the AC Podcast, Steve reached out to Lisa Fields of the Jude 3 Project which ministers primarily to the black community. Links & …

Can We Trust the Gospels?: An Interview with Dr. Peter J. Williams

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The Gospels portray the most famous and influential figure in all of human history – Jesus of Nazareth. Billions worship him as the unique Son of God. Even those who do not worship him still consider him to be an important moral teacher. But what reason do we have to trust the Gospels? Andy had an opportunity to sit down …

Deepfake: When the Theoretical Rubber Meets the Practical Road

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Our thinking on ethics and law seems to be playing catch-up with the development of new technology. This seems to be the case with Deepfake. What makes this technology particularly interesting is that it betrays what we really think about truth and morality. What happens when the theoretical rubber meets the practical road? Links & Articles Deepfake on Wikipedia

Theology of Humour: An Interview with Leland Klassen

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Those who grew up in a very traditional church, especially, will remember having to remain very solemn and quiet in the sanctuary. After all, in the New Testament, we read about Jesus weeping but we never read that he laughed. What is the place of laughter in the life of the Church? Is it too irreverent? To discuss this topic, …

Caught Between Haram and Halal: Understanding and Engaging Muslims

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The second largest world religion, Islam has about 1.8 billion adherents around the world. As Muslims immigrate to the West, we no longer have to travel overseas to encounter one. Many of the 1.8 billion can be found in our neighbourhood. They are our friends, neighbours, and coworkers. Are you ready to reach out to them with the gospel? Links …

Why the Rwandan Genocide Matters 25 Years Later: An Interview with Allison Alley

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Do you remember the movie Hotel Rwanda? The country of Rwanda has come to be known most prominently with the genocide of 1994. The racial and political tension that had been brewing finally blew up, and many people lost their lives in a short 3-month period. 25 years after the fact, why is this so important for us to remember? …

Re-Engaging the Imagination of the Disenchanted: An Interview with Dr. Paul M. Gould

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If the Flat Earth Society (with “members from around the globe!”) were to host an event discussing astrophysics, would you attend it? Likely, virtually everyone would answer, “No.” This is because of what’s known as the plausibility structure in our minds. That is to say, what do we think is within the realm of the possible? The flat earth hypothesis …

Why These Books in the New Testament? Part Deux

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What would happen if we were to discover additional writings by Apostle Paul? Should we include that in the canon or not? What about the forged documents we know of? Do we have reason to be confident that, say, the four Gospels are not forged? Andy and Terry continue their interview with Wesley Huff on the questions of the Bible …

Why These Books in the New Testament?

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If you’ve ever wondered how the books in the New Testament came to be included in the Bible, you are not alone. While books like The Da Vinci Code would have us believe that the books in the New Testament were arbitrarily chosen for the purpose of power, a less sensational and more careful study seems to disappoint fans of …

The Future of Abortion in Canada and the US

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Abortion, once thought to be a settled issue, has sharply come into focus again with the shifting political atmosphere in Canada and the US, particularly with the new pro-life laws coming into effect in the State of Georgia and Alabama. Emotions are running wild on both sides of the debate, as they both try to protect what they consider to …