Under Fire on Ground Neutral: A Crackdown on the Freedom of Inquiry

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An obscure graduate student from Wilfrid Laurier University burst out onto the media recently. Lindsay Shepherd, a TA, presented arguments for and against the use of gender-neutral pronouns in a class. Then something happened that she never expected: even the mere act of presenting arguments got her summoned by the administrators of the school to be reprimanded. In the wake …

What Do You Meme By That?

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Few things describe our social media culture better than memes: pithy, punchy, attention-grabbing, and often unsubstantial. Today, Steve and Terry come together to respond to a number of atheist memes. How can memes be helpful in the life of the mind? Find out in this week’s episode of the AC Podcast. Memes We Responded To

Apologetics Canada Conference 2018 Promo

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This year’s Apologetics Canada Conference is fast approaching. This year, we will be featuring a dialogue between Andy Bannister and Justin Trottier on Foundations for Human Rights: A Christian and a Humanist in Conversation. When: March 2 & 3, 2018 Where: Northview Community Church

Beyond Evolution

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If you are a regular listener of our podcast, you may remember us mentioning the CRISPR technology. It’s a revolutionary genetic engineering technology that allows us to copy & paste genetic codes like we would a word processing document. In Oregon, this technology was tried on human embryos. Join the Apologetics Canada Crew as they explore the ethical concerns from …

Bringing Canada Together… with an Insult?

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The 29th Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette, made some controversial remarks that made many people upset. What did she say and why is that problematic coming out of the mouth of a Governor General? What philosophical view lies behind the comment and what is wrong with it? Links & Articles In what universe is it appropriate for a Governor …

Overdose Crisis: An Interview with a Coroner Who’s Had Enough

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Currently, the US and Canada are leading the world in drug overdose deaths. In the US, it is projected that there will be over 70,000 drug overdose deaths this year. Here in British Columbia alone, it is projected that we’ll have over 1,400 overdose deaths by the end of this year. This problem is only getting worse. To get a …

Dealing with Doubt

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Virtually all Christians have heard of someone who left the Christian faith because of doubt. While some experience it more strongly than others, doubt is something all of us experience. Yet, even with the pervasiveness of doubt, not many of us are clear on what kind of doubt we might be experiencing and how to go about addressing them. Tune …

Hollywood’s Hypocrisy: An Interview with #metoo

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Following the revelation of the decades-long sexual harassment and abuse by Harvey Weinstein, a highly influential Hollywood industry figure, numerous women spoke up on social media under the hashtag campaign #metoo to show that this is a pervasive problem. The Apologetics Canada team invited Alisha Stobbe, a registered clinical counsellor, to join us for this week’s episode to speak into …

Gender Identity Crisis: An Interview with Paul Dirks

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You may remember from a recent episode that Steve and Terry attended a local meeting of concerned parents against the SOGI curriculum. Apologetics Canada invited the first presenter of the evening, Paul Dirks, on the show today to hear from him what is going on in our schools and what he learned in his research on the LGBTQ issues. Links …