“He Deserved It”: A Tragic Death Exploited

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Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old American college student who was detained by North Korea in early 2016 for “an act of hostility against the regime,” was returned recently to the US in a coma. Tragically, he passed away several days later. This incident has all kinds of serious political implications. After all, one country has killed another country’s citizen, especially two …

Was Hitler a Christian?

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From time to time on social media, you may come across the claim that Adolf Hitler was a Christian. There’s some truth in that, namely that he was a member of the Roman Catholic Church to his dying day. But things aren’t as simple as some critics of Christianity would have us believe. For more on this topic, check out …

Christians Need Not Apply

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In the US and Canada, we live in a secular liberal democracy where every citizen is welcomed to participate in the governance of the nation regardless of one’s religious views. But how does that square with a pluralistic society like ours? This was brought to the fore in the recent confirmation hearing of Russell Vought, Donald Trump’s nominee for the …

Winsome Persuasion: Interview with Tim Muehlhoff

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If you’ve been paying any attention to social media and the news, you have no doubt noticed the often shrill and angry exchanges. These are also marked by a very black-and-white outlook on issues that are most likely less than black-and-white. The challenge is exacerbated for those who hold to a minority view, be it climate change, vaccination, or religion. …

Leaving Mormonism: Interview with an Apostate

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What would it take a Mormon to forsake her faith? Andy and Steve had an opportunity to speak with Sandra Morley, a (technically still) Mormon woman who is in the process of leaving the Mormon church. As it turns out, leaving the Mormon church isn’t as simple as ceasing to attend weekend service. If you are looking for a glimpse …

No Child Left Behind: A Culture of Narcissism

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“Now with this ring, I me wed.” Imagine saying something like that at a traditional wedding. There is something of a trend that is developing as more and more people choose the life of singleness. Not only do they want to remove the social stigma around singleness, they want it celebrated. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? …

Life Hacks: An Interview with Jon Morrison

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Those of you who have been with the AC Podcast from the beginning will recognize the voice of Jon Morrison. If you’ve been missing his voice on the AC Podcast, today’s episode will be a treat for you! We had Jon in the studio to discuss his new book, Life Hacks: Ideas that Change Everything, among many other things that …

Bill Nye’s March for Scientism

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On April 22, 2017, the Earth Day, rallies took place around the globe in some 600 cities – the March for Science. In the US, the spokesperson for this global movement was none other than Bill Nye the Science Guy. To the Apologetics Canada team, as has been noted by many other groups, this March seems to be about far …

An Interview with “Stephen Hawking”

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If you are a regular listener, you listened to our very special interview with “Stephen Hawking.” Did it sound like a smooth interview? In fact, the AC team came unhinged. Here is a fuller version of it in a “bloopers” style. Enjoy this special edition of AC Podcast! Outro Music To the Skyby Oliver Michael – Parhelion