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Apologetics Canada Conference 2016

March 4-5, Abbotsford, BC

*Disclaimer: Please note that the breakout sessions are subject to change at the discretion of the conference organizing committee.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams
How Addicted Persons Get on and off the Road of Bad Decisions

Have you ever wondered why people who struggle with addiction appear as though they don’t have a choice? That they are on a road that they can’t get off? Join Chris, someone who recovered from 16 years of addiction, and learn about why addiction appears to determine action, and how to get back onto the road that seeks the good, true, and beautiful.

Chris Battle
Associate of Apologetics Canada

Apologetics for Parents
The Why, What, and How of Teaching Kids Apologetics at Home

It’s no secret that kids of all ages are being exposed to negative criticism of Christianity as they spend time at school, with friends, or online. The result? Research shows that by the time they become young adults, at least 60 percent are turning away from Christianity.

Kids today clearly need an understanding of apologetics in order to navigate the tough questions they’re encountering. Parents have the primary responsibility for doing this training, but often aren’t sure where to begin. This session will help parents: 1) understand why home is the key training ground for apologetics; 2) have a vision of what it means to teach apologetics at home; and 3) learn how to incorporate the teaching of apologetics into daily life.

Also, come and hear Natasha on Thursday, March 3 at MEI (31655 Downes Rd, Abbotsford, BC), as she speaks on Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: Faithful Christian Parenting in a Secular World. The event is free and open to the public. Register online today.

Natasha Crain
Christian Parenting Blogger, Author

In the Cleft
Joy Comes in the Mourning

“By your light others shall be led out of the valley. By your courage the weak shall be lifted up.”

After losing a husband, son and mother-in-law to cancer, Dana entered into a grieving season that was so intense and relentless she wondered if there would ever be light in her life again. She questioned God’s love and even his existence. Four years after the death of her son, she felt God asking her to share her night of spiritual battle with others, which birthed In the Cleft: Joy Comes in the Mourning. Dana will be sharing excerpts from her book, personal stories and all she has learned in the night season.

Joy truly does come again after a long winter of grieving. Life, love, passion and outrageous joy spring forth from the most unsuspecting places, often the barren, broken places of our lives.

Dana Goodman
Speaker, Author

Christianity and the Challenge of World Religions

In this fast-paced and humorous presentation, Professor Hazen addresses the question of “how does Christianity stack up against the other great world religions?” Based on his book “Five Sacred Crossings,” Hazen delivers five unique features of Christianity that set it dramatically apart from the other major religious traditions.

Craig Hazen
Director of MA Christian Apologetics Program, Biola University

Did God Really Command Genocide of the Canaanites?

In the last 10-15 years, the claim that ‘the behavior of God in the Old Testament is immoral’, has become the most common objection to the Bible and Christianity. This lecture will analyze and evaluate this accusation and the two most common responses to this charge that the biblical text clearly shows God commanding complete destruction of the various Canaanite tribes.

Michael Horner
Evangelist, Apologist

The Quest for God’s Purpose in Your Life

Did you know that most people (including most Christians) dislike their job and life! Why is that? The answer – people have not been willing to do the work. This presentation is based on Dr. Keis’ book, The Quest for Purpose – A Self-Discovery Process on How to Find it and Live It! This session is highly interactive with participants learning The Quest process. Ken will outline the mindset, character traits and specific steps used in The Quest to help any person determine their life passions, purpose, interests, gifts, talents and calling. Every one of God’s people has an assignment there are no exceptions. Learn your purpose and how to help others find theirs.

Ken Keis
Speaker, Author

Observations from the Flight Deck of a Former Atheist

Over the years dozens of former atheists have shared with me the circumstances of how they came to know the Truth. Amazingly, nearly every story contained one common feature. Join me as we discuss the thread that links these stories together and how it reveals what may be the most powerful tool to unlock the minds of those who believe there is no god.

Michael Minot
Speaker, Author, Attorney

God Conversations
Using Illustrations to Explain Your Faith
12:30 PM session only

Research in communication says that when a person leaves a conversation he or she will immediately forget half of what was said. Half. Eight hours later that person will remember only about 20% of what you discussed. What makes up the part he or she does remember? It’s your examples. The illustrations, stories, and quotes you sprinkled throughout your conversation will stay with your friend long after the conversation ends. This session will explore how to create vivid illustrations to explain the Christian worldview.

Dr. Timothy Muehlhoff
Professor of Communications, Author

Better Together
Why Spirit-Empowered Communities are Key to Gospel Advance in Canada

In an increasingly secular world, defined by a contemporary identity crisis of self-invention, shaped by a culture of relativism and hyper-consumerism, many people find themselves adrift a raging sea. Confused, lonely, disconnected, depressed and often overwhelmed by the many voices telling them what to do and how to live, how do we as the church respond in a noisy post-Christian world? This seminar will focus on the practical implications of how the church can create spirit empowered communities, where people can encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ in dynamic, authentic and relevant way.

Stephen Mulder
Director of Ministry Development, Alpha Canada

Understanding the Muslim Mindset

It’s often thought that Muslims are among the most resistant groups to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can be more effective in sharing the gospel if we take the time to understand the cultural, spiritual, and intellectual mindsets of our Muslim friends. In this session, you’ll learn what Muslims care about and how to show them that what they seek is found in the gospel.

Abdu Murray
Speaker, Author

Christian Art & Cultural Analysis

What’s a Christian song? A Christian film? A Christian clothing company? How can we say that anything in culture – whether a movie, a movement, a music band, or anything else – is Christian or not? In this talk, Dr. Richard Park will discuss the task of cultural analysis from a Christian perspective. Both understanding and using art – or beauty, more generally – are crucial to the enterprise of Christian apologetics. In this session, we will seek to think Christianly about art and beauty.

Richard S. Park
Director of Speakers Bureau,

From Worrier to Warrior
Finding Courage, Hope and Joy after a Terminal Diagnosis

When Nadine’s husband was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, she started a blog called ALS With Courage. Her blog was intended to keep family and friends informed of Mike’s constantly changing condition and it was also a great way to reveal his incredible spirit. In the beginning, Nadine thought it was simply an inspiring story about a courageous man and his ALS, but it quickly became much more than that. It became a collection of lessons for her, including the lesson of letting go. “Mike has let go of working, walking, talking, eating, moving and slowly he lets go of breathing. And I am letting go of him.” Many of Nadine’s blog posts are published in her book, Hold On, Let Go – Facing ALS with Courage and Hope.

In “From Worrier to Warrior,” Nadine will read excerpts from her book and blog and share about her journey of ‘letting go’ with courage, hope and joy during the battle with ALS and now after Mike’s passing.

Nadine Sands
Speaker, Author

Man vs Machine
The Battle for Personhood

With the rapid development of technology, we are beginning to question things that we had once taken for granted. The questions are hidden in plain sight in our entertainment culture. What is a person? Can a machine ever become a person? Join Andy as he ponders the implications of such questions.

Andy Steiger
Director of Apologetics Canada

A Taste of Theo’s Feast
Edible Apologetics

Inspired by Jesus’ model of sharing His Kingdom truths over shared meals. Theo’s Feast inspires deep spiritual conversations through edible metaphors, giving dinner guests a unique opportunity to experience the Gospel with all of their senses. We believe that Theo’s Feast is an exciting paradigm shift in inspiring fruitful Gospel-centered conversations.

Join Gary for a Taste of Theo’s Feast as he and his growing team of professional chefs take you on a unique and flavourful journey exploring what God is doing through this creative new ministry.

Gary Stevenson
University Chaplain, Power to Change
Creative Director of Theo’s Feast

Cold-Case Resurrection

J Warner Wallace examines the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus and evaluates all the alternative explanations using the skills he developed as a cold case detective. Greg Koukl called this the best apologetics presentation he had ever seen.

J. Warner Wallace
Homicide Detective, Author

Delivering Insight
An Introduction to Logos 6

Explore the Word with confidence, discover fresh insights, and gain the tools you need to become a better student of the Word. With smart and easy-to-use tools, Logos 6 equips you to find answers faster, visualize the Biblical world, unearth real meaning from the original languages, and explore Scripture as a community. This workshop will show you how Logos 6 simplifies your study process and helps you do hundreds of hours of research in minutes without any formal training required.

Logos Bible Software
Digital library and research tool

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