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“We need more thinkers and writers like Andy Steiger. His new book is a terrific example of how to engage people on the questions that really matter.”


Lee Strobel
Best-selling author of The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation

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Asking Life’s Five Biggest Questions


Session 1: What Is the Meaning of Life?

Have you ever wondered why you are here on this earth? We will explore what meaning is, where it’s found, and if our life has any.

Short Film: 4 minutes | Teaching: 10 minutes

Session 2

Session 2: Does God Exist?

Is this universe and our life a meaningless accident? We will investigate who God is, the facts concerning His existence, and if He can be experienced.

Short Film: 5 minutes | Teaching: 9 minutes

Session 3: Do All Religions Lead to God?

Can God be found within the maze of the world’s religions? We will consider what other religions teach, if God can be found, and if God even wants to be reached.

Short Film: 4 minutes | Teaching: 9 minutes

Session 4: Why Is There Evil?

Why is our world so full of poverty, violence and corruption? We will discuss what good and evil are, where they come from, and why they exist.

Short Film: 4 minutes | Teaching: 11 minutes

Session 5: Is There Life After Death?

Have you ever wondered if this life is all there is? We will wrestle with what death is, why we die, and if God has done anything about it.

Short Film: 4 minutes | Teaching: 15 minutes

Session 6: Becoming a Student

Once we accept Christian truth claims. Then what? What is discipleship and what does it look like on the ground level?

Short Film: 5 minutes | Teaching: 12 minutes

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The Thinking Series is a 5-part DVD resource that tackles the top five questions university students are asking today. This DVD can be used in various settings including small groups, churches, and coffee shops.

Andy Steiger will help you understand how these five questions are interconnected, build on one another, and clearly explain the Gospel. Learn more about the author.

What is the Thinking Series?

The Thinking Series is a 5-part DVD resource that tackles the top five questions university students are asking today. This DVD can be used in various settings including churches, small groups, and coffee shops.


How does it work?

The Thinking Series combines story and teaching. Each section begins with a vignette (a short video that is 4-5 minutes in length) which raises the question powerfully and authentically. Then the video will have a break, allowing for a time of discussion in small groups. (You can download the discussion cards under the “Resources” tab.) The discussion is then followed by a time of teaching with Andy Steiger which interacts with the story and addresses the question. You may end the session with a time of Q&A or further discussion. (You can download the teaching discussion questions under the “Resources” tab.)


What other resources do you have for the Thinking Series?

From the main page, you can click on each of the sessions to view the Think For A Minute videos and listen to relevant Apologetics Canada Podcast episodes. (Yes! We have a podcast. Find us on iTunes!) More resources will be added in the near future.

Direct all Thinking Series-related inquiries to:

Are you thinking of hosting the Thinking Series? Be sure to check out the free Leader’s Guide. It contains tips and other information that will prove useful when you host the Series.

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Leader’s Guide

Discussion cards (not to be confused with Teaching Discussion Questions) are used to facilitate dialogue after the story video. At the bottom of the card, you will see recommended resources in the order of reading level.

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Discussion Cards – Session 1: What Is the Meaning of Life?
Discussion Cards – Session 2: Does God Exist?
Discussion Cards – Session 3: Do All Religions Lead to God?
Discussion Cards – Session 4: Why Is There Evil?
Discussion Cards – Session 5: Is There Life After Death?
Discussion Cards – Session 6: Becoming a Student

Think For a Minute Devotional (A devotional booklet for select Think For a Minute videos.)
What is the Thinking Series Online Course?

The Thinking Series Online Course (TSOC) is an introductory apologetics online course based on the Thinking Series. It explores each of the five questions from the Series at a more-in-depth level.


How Does It Work?

The course is divided into seven lessons, five of which covers the topics found in the Thinking Series. Each of these five lessons involves reading, reflecting, watching videos, listening to audio lectures, and blogging. All papers will be written using a blogging platform, including the research term paper.


How Do I Register?

Registration for the TSOC is currently closed. Registration will open again for the September 2016 offering of the course.

If you would like to be notified when registration is open, please fill out this form:

Andy – just wanted to let you know how much our small group appreciated your Thinking Series DVD and teaching guide. Last night we watched “Do All Religions Lead to God?”, and it prompted such great discussion. We are all parents of pre-teens, teenagers and young children, and we couldn’t help but see the value in equipping our kids to know how to answer questions like this in the world that they are growing up in. The quality of your video work, the narration, and the script was very compelling and it created a great environment for meaningful dialogue. Thanks for putting out such quality, equipping material for families like ours!


Phil Spoelstra
Associate Pastor of Worship Ministries
Broadway Church, Vancouver, BC


The Thinking Series is a great resource. We are hoping all our Ratio Christi chapters at universities in the United States will use the series to help Christians and skeptics think through the most important questions in life.


Rick Schenker
President, Ratio Christi


The Thinking Series uses emotionally-charged narratives and compelling reason to tackle the top questions spiritual seekers ask today. Finally! A high-quality resource that both explores ultimate questions while connecting people’s current realities of life to God. I personally give The Thinking Series DVD to my friends that wrestle with questions of ultimate meaning, God’s existence, evil and life after death. Power to Change is excited to partner with Apologetics Canada to more effectively bring the good news of Jesus Christ to Canada and beyond.


Leonard Buhler
President, Power to Change


The Thinking Series is dynamic and engaging. It mixes stories with clear evidence for the Claims of Christ. People always want to keep talking after the videos and continue to discuss what they have seen and heard. Excellent material for anyone of any background. We all have question. These videos create the atmosphere to think and believe, together.


Lindsay Angus
Thinking Series Host


The Thinking Series is great. The videos are captivating and of excellent quality. They are current and relatable to this generation. I love that it begins with a question and leads to an open-dialogue discussion. This opens a door to begin to wrestling through the question and share thoughts and views in a non-judgemental environment. Andy’s talk is fantastic. It is to the point, interesting, and gives solid evidence for a Christian worldview without being ‘preachy.’ Discussion to follow Andy’s talk will allow listeners to contemplate and chew on what has been presented. The Thinking Series is an excellent resource as an outreach tool in a public setting or as an equipping tool in a church or small group.


Jasmine Small
Foursquare Church of Canada


Thank you, Apologetics Canada, for the great material you put together for The Thinking Series. We happen to have two copies of it now, one sent by our pastorate and one sent by the Missions Department. We are using them! Wellington is teaching Grade 11/12 Bible to the Word of Life International School. Thanks for the excellent material!


Dolly Oliech
Missionary to Uganda


I cannot speak more highly of The Thinking Series. Andy Steiger has carefully crafted five sessions addressing the most important issues of life. The unique value of this video series is its ability to encourage believers and engage skeptics. It’s perfect for use in your church’s small group or in a public outreach setting. Andy’s unique ability to communicate truth from a reasoned, loving Christian perspective makes this series an important addition to anyone’s video library.


J. Warner Wallace
Author of Cold-Case Christianity:
A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels


Andy Steiger has come up with a great tool for believers and skeptics alike! The introductory vignettes are wonderfully creative and warmly invite the viewer to enter the discussion. Andy’s response to each question packs an remarkable amount of contemporary philosophy & apologetics into a concise time frame which makes The Thinking Series an excellent tool for small group gatherings of 30-60 minutes. I have used this tool with a university basketball team with great results. Well done, Andy!


Michael Horner
Apologist for Power to Change


I’ve not seen many teaching series that have this kind of artistic quality while possessing robust theological and apologetic content at the same time. The artistic rendering of each lesson gives each topic a fresh voice. It allowed even well known topics for me to feel like new truths to explore.

Along with being the director of Ratio Christi College Prep, I’m also a pastor. Watching The Thinking Series sparked my own creativity and I immediately had ideas of how I could use this material both in my Church and throughout Ratio Christi. This is a great resource to encourage Christians and entice those that are not to seek God and know Him to the fullest extent their mind and heart will allow.


Michael C Sherrard
Director of Ratio Christi College Prep


We do The Thinking Series at Northview because it gives us an opportunity to address our culture’s biggest philosophical and religious questions about life. The questions naturally lead into each other and provide opportunity after opportunity to articulate the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Thinking Series is scratching where our culture itches, and does so in order that people may come to know and love the Way, Truth, and Life.


Greg Harris
Director of Local Missions at Northview Community Church

You can use the following trailers to promote the Thinking Series sessions you host. The Thinking Series Trailer is used to promote the entire Series, and rest are used to promote a particular session.

Thinking Series Trailer

Thinking Series Session 1 Trailer

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