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“We need more thinkers and writers like Andy Steiger. His new book is a terrific example of how to engage people on the questions that really matter.”


Lee Strobel
Best-selling author of The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation

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Asking Life’s Five Biggest Questions


Session 1: What Is the Meaning of Life?

Have you ever wondered why you are here on this earth? We will explore what meaning is, where it’s found, and if our life has any.

Short Film: 4 minutes | Teaching: 10 minutes

Session 2

Session 2: Does God Exist?

Is this universe and our life a meaningless accident? We will investigate who God is, the facts concerning His existence, and if He can be experienced.

Short Film: 5 minutes | Teaching: 9 minutes

Session 3: Do All Religions Lead to God?

Can God be found within the maze of the world’s religions? We will consider what other religions teach, if God can be found, and if God even wants to be reached.

Short Film: 4 minutes | Teaching: 9 minutes

Session 4: Why Is There Evil?

Why is our world so full of poverty, violence and corruption? We will discuss what good and evil are, where they come from, and why they exist.

Short Film: 4 minutes | Teaching: 11 minutes

Session 5: Is There Life After Death?

Have you ever wondered if this life is all there is? We will wrestle with what death is, why we die, and if God has done anything about it.

Short Film: 4 minutes | Teaching: 15 minutes

Session 6: Becoming a Student

Once we accept Christian truth claims. Then what? What is discipleship and what does it look like on the ground level?

Short Film: 5 minutes | Teaching: 12 minutes

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The Thinking Series is a 5-part DVD resource that tackles the top five questions university students are asking today. This DVD can be used in various settings including small groups, churches, and coffee shops.

Andy Steiger will help you understand how these five questions are interconnected, build on one another, and clearly explain the Gospel. Learn more about the author.


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