Apologetics Canada Conference 2014

March 7-8, Vancouver & Abbotsford


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Leonard Buhler – Contemporary Evangelism
(President of Power to Change, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)

Research and experience have shown that in today’s world, people pass through discernible phases as they come to follow Jesus. These “spiritual thresholds” trace the postmodern journey from distrust to trust, from complacency to curiosity, from meandering to seeking to finally making the choice to enter the Kingdom.  This seminar will: 1) help you recognize where your friend is on this spiritual journey, and 2) equip you with simple, practical tools and approaches to invite your friend into relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dr. Matthew Etherington – God in the Classroom: A Case for the Theistic Foundation in Value-based Education
(Associate Professor, School of Education, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, Author of Foundations of Education: A Christian Vision)

In recent years, a growing demand by educators, governments, and the community for the teaching of moral values in schools has led to the implementation of values education. In the school system, there have been attempts to construct and implement a values-based curriculum that reflects a naturalistic or social morality. Despite prudential credibility to values education, no naturalistic theory has within it a sufficient moral obligation with which to persuade young people from their natural self-interest. This presentation argues that a sufficient case can be made for the explicit teaching of moral values but only on a theistic foundation.

Imran Daniel – Sikhism 101
(Director of Multi-Cultural Engagement at Northview Community Church)

Sikhism is growing rapidly here in Canada. We have friends, neighbours and co-workers who are Sikhs. In this session, we will cover the basic overview of Sikhism, culture and beliefs. We will also explore the similarities and differences between Sikhism and Christianity and how to use their culture and beliefs as a bridge to share the gospel.

Trent DeJong – Zombies: The Monster for Our Time
(Instructor in English, Literature and Bible at Abbotsford Christian School)

Monsters have always been an embodiment of what we disdain, and as such, they tell us a lot about who we are, by telling us who we aren’t.  Zombies are modern monsters and they function as monsters always have—as representatives of otherness, but their true horror comes not from their alterity, but from their sameness—they’re us.

Kamal Dhillon – Black and Blue Sari: Learning to Forgive
(International Author & Speaker)

Where is God when we suffer at the hands of the vilest of humans, when the weak and the innocent are abused and tortured? Where is God? Kamal Dhillon’s personal story forces the listener to wrestle with these questions. Kamal suffered and endured through the most inhumane abuse at the hands of her husband. She was tortured to within an inch of her life on many occasions. And yet she survived. But Kamal’s story is more than just a survival story; it’s a story about redemption, forgiveness and restoration.

Harry Edwards – Intolerance of Tolerance
(CEO of Apologetics.com)

“Everyone has a right to their opinion; every opinion is right.” The former expresses a long-held view of tolerance. However, if one disagrees with the latter, he/she is considered intolerant. It’s tough enough for reasonable people to practice civility, but constantly having to tiptoe around important issues to take care that no one is offended can be disheartening. How do we function in society when so many things rely on its truth value? Is truth also an issue of tolerance or intolerance? Join Harry in this session as we try to delve more deeply into the current issues surrounding this topic and find ways to lovingly speak truth in an increasingly pluralistic society.

Ken Esau – Why Knowing the Old Testament Story is Key for Christians Today
(Director of Biblical Studies Program at Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford, BC)

In a Christian world where the Old Testament is rarely turned to except for a few sermonic stories (e.g., David and Goliath, Ruth and Boaz, and Joshua at Jericho), Ken will try to argue that knowing the Old Testament is key to properly understanding the Gospel story of Jesus. While this is certainly true for sections of Isaiah and Micah that we read during Advent, there is also a much bigger OT Story that is invaluable to a better understanding of Jesus. The OT Story is really the foundation of the Jesus story—a foundation that gives a much-needed perspective on the Gospels.

Dr. Gary Habermas – Dealing With Doubt

Doubt is one of the most perplexing challenges facing Christians. It is a painful problem that any Christian would like to have resolved quickly. What is the nature of doubt? How do we deal with it? Come and listen to Dr. Habermas’ take on this issue.

Greg Harris – How to Run the Thinking Series
(Director of Local Missions at Northview Community Church)

This session with teach you how to host the Thinking Series in public establishments such as coffee shops and bars in order to engage your community with the five most frequently-asked questions today.   Learn how to effectively utilize the Thinking Series in order to dismantle common barriers and communicate the message of the Gospel in ways that Atheists, New-Agers, skeptics and believers of other religions can understand and feel welcomed into the discussion.

Sid Koop – Leading From the Word (Youth Session)
(Director of Truth Matters Ministries)

The Canadian research on young adults relationship with the church called “Hemorrhaging Faith”, told us that 50% of the young adults who are most engaged in church and faith, are reading their bibles at best once a week.  This is just reading.  This says nothing about using scripture to help guide them in the many significant decisions they must make at this key time of their lives.  If we are going to live well, and lead well, we need to lead from the Word.

Dr. Graham Krahn – A Universe for Nothing
(Ph.D. in Physics, Adjunct Faculty Member at Biola University)

In recent years Stephen Hawking and others have claimed that modern physics has eliminated God.  If this is true, what does this tell us about ultimate purpose in the universe?  In this session I will be examining what modern science can tell us, if anything, about the question of purpose.

Jeremy Livermore – Top 5 Most Compelling Arguments for God’s Existence

(Staff Apologist at Apologetics.com)

Is it possible to conclude that God exists just through reasoning? While many skeptics criticize Christians for being simple-minded and gullible, Christians are actually advancing compelling arguments for the existence of God through sound reason. With cogent logic, the claims of “irrational belief” are dismantled and belief in God becomes highly rational.

Lynette Olfert / Robin Martens – Thinking Family Parent Workshop
(Thinking Family Hosts)

Thinking Family has been created as a resource for families in conjunction with the Thinking Series by Andy Steiger. We want to encourage and equip parents in establishing thoughtful responses to the five core questions introduced in the Thinking Series, as we seek to build a confident faith in our children. This parent workshop will include some practical ideas for getting started, round table discussion and pointers to recommended resources.

Dr. Arnold Sikkema – The Uses and Abuses of Science in Apologetics
(Professor of Physics at Trinity Western University, President of the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation)

Science plays a significant role in today’s culture, and many cite science as their reason to reject the gospel. This session will equip Christians who wish to reach through that barrier with an understanding of the actual claims of science, as well as its methods and limitations, by addressing head-on a number of incorrect ideas about science which are prevalent both in the church and in the broader world.

Dr. John Stewart – Reaching Our Brave, New, Secular World
(International Director, Ratio Christi; former Professor of Law and Apologetics, Simon Greenleaf University; practicing lawyer)

Christianity was the dominant value system in the West until secularism began to erode Christianity’s influence. Starting with attacks on the Bible in the 18th century, to attacks on God in the 19th century and mankind in the 20th century, we now live in a post-Christian age. How did this happen, and how can Christianity regain ground lost to secularism? Learn 21st century methods to reach the secular mind with a timeless message.

Michael Szuk – How to Read the Book of Revelation
(New Testament Instructor at Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford, BC)

The book of Revelation has a reputation for producing some strange figures with equally strange doctrines. With almost two millennia since John penned it, how are we, the 21st-century North American readers, to understand this often puzzling book of the Bible?

Steve Tsai – Reasoning: A Beginner’s Guide
(Staff Apologist at Apologetics.com)

Learn foundational ways to think clearly about any subject matter, and how to avoid the most common logical errors. Reasoning well is absolutely essential to doing theology, apologetics or philosophy. This class is meant to be a basic introduction to logic; no prior familiarity with logic is required. 

Logos Bible Software – Basic & Advanced Training

A company based in Bellingham, WA, Logos Bible Software provides the world’s leading Bible study tool that is marked by innovation. Come join this session to receive the basic and advanced training in how to make the most out of your Bible study time with this incredible piece of software.