1. Click the Abbotsford or Vancouver tab below to view the photos from their respective location.
  2. When the photos show, left-click a photo. It should be displayed in its original size in a new tab or window.
  3. If you are a speaker, you are welcome to download the pictures for your use. Right-click the original photo and save the image in the folder of your choice. (Alternatively, you can drag the photo into a folder to save it there.)



  • Your photos may or may not be scattered through out the whole collection, so be sure to check them thoroughly to find all the photos of you.
  • The original photos from Abbotsford (Northview Community Church) are high-resolution, suitable for printing.
  • The original photos from Vancouver (Willingdon Church) are low-resolution for online use.
  • If you would like the high-resolution versions of the Vancouver photos:
    • Left-click the photo to display the original and note the name of the photo in the address bar.
    • The web address will end with “ACC14WD-web-#” where “#” is the number of the photo.
    • Let Steve Kim know at steve@apologeticscanada.com which photos you would like.


accnv-1 accnv-2accnv-98 accnv-97 accnv-96 accnv-95 accnv-94 accnv-93 accnv-92 accnv-91 accnv-90 accnv-89 accnv-88 accnv-87 accnv-86 accnv-85 accnv-84 accnv-83 accnv-82 accnv-81 accnv-80 accnv-79 accnv-78 accnv-77 accnv-76 accnv-75 accnv-74 accnv-73 accnv-72 accnv-71 accnv-70 accnv-69 accnv-68 accnv-67 accnv-66 accnv-65 accnv-64 accnv-63 accnv-62 accnv-61 accnv-60 accnv-59 accnv-58 accnv-57 accnv-56 accnv-55 accnv-54 accnv-53 accnv-52 accnv-51 accnv-50 accnv-49 accnv-48 accnv-47 accnv-46 accnv-45 accnv-44 accnv-43 accnv-42 accnv-41 accnv-40 accnv-39 accnv-38 accnv-37 accnv-36 accnv-35 accnv-34 accnv-33 accnv-32 accnv-31 accnv-30 accnv-29 accnv-28 accnv-27 accnv-26 accnv-25 accnv-24 accnv-23 accnv-22 accnv-21 accnv-20 accnv-19 accnv-18 accnv-17 accnv-16 copy accnv-15 accnv-14 accnv-13 accnv-12 accnv-11 accnv-10 accnv-9 accnv-8 accnv-7 accnv-6 accnv-5 accnv-4 accnv-3

ACC14WD-web-1 ACC14WD-web-230 ACC14WD-web-229 ACC14WD-web-228 ACC14WD-web-225 ACC14WD-web-224 ACC14WD-web-223 ACC14WD-web-222 ACC14WD-web-221 ACC14WD-web-216 ACC14WD-web-215 ACC14WD-web-214 ACC14WD-web-213 ACC14WD-web-212 ACC14WD-web-211 ACC14WD-web-210 ACC14WD-web-209 ACC14WD-web-206 ACC14WD-web-205 ACC14WD-web-204 ACC14WD-web-203 ACC14WD-web-202 ACC14WD-web-198 ACC14WD-web-197 ACC14WD-web-196 ACC14WD-web-195 ACC14WD-web-194 ACC14WD-web-193 ACC14WD-web-192 ACC14WD-web-191 ACC14WD-web-190 ACC14WD-web-189 ACC14WD-web-188 ACC14WD-web-185 ACC14WD-web-184 ACC14WD-web-183 ACC14WD-web-182 ACC14WD-web-181 ACC14WD-web-180 ACC14WD-web-179 ACC14WD-web-178 ACC14WD-web-177 ACC14WD-web-176 ACC14WD-web-175 ACC14WD-web-174 ACC14WD-web-172 ACC14WD-web-171 ACC14WD-web-170 ACC14WD-web-168 ACC14WD-web-167 ACC14WD-web-163 ACC14WD-web-161 ACC14WD-web-160 ACC14WD-web-157 ACC14WD-web-156 ACC14WD-web-153 ACC14WD-web-152 ACC14WD-web-147 ACC14WD-web-146 ACC14WD-web-143 ACC14WD-web-142 ACC14WD-web-141 ACC14WD-web-140 ACC14WD-web-133 ACC14WD-web-127 ACC14WD-web-120 ACC14WD-web-119 ACC14WD-web-118 ACC14WD-web-117 ACC14WD-web-116 ACC14WD-web-115 ACC14WD-web-114 ACC14WD-web-113 ACC14WD-web-112 ACC14WD-web-111 ACC14WD-web-109 ACC14WD-web-108 ACC14WD-web-107 ACC14WD-web-105 ACC14WD-web-104 ACC14WD-web-103 ACC14WD-web-101 ACC14WD-web-100 ACC14WD-web-99 ACC14WD-web-98 ACC14WD-web-96 ACC14WD-web-95 ACC14WD-web-82 ACC14WD-web-81 ACC14WD-web-79 ACC14WD-web-70 ACC14WD-web-68 ACC14WD-web-65 ACC14WD-web-60 ACC14WD-web-55 ACC14WD-web-52 ACC14WD-web-51 ACC14WD-web-49 ACC14WD-web-47 ACC14WD-web-42 ACC14WD-web-35 ACC14WD-web-34 ACC14WD-web-33 ACC14WD-web-32 ACC14WD-web-31 ACC14WD-web-30 ACC14WD-web-29 ACC14WD-web-28 ACC14WD-web-27 ACC14WD-web-26 ACC14WD-web-25 ACC14WD-web-24 ACC14WD-web-23 ACC14WD-web-22 ACC14WD-web-21 ACC14WD-web-20 ACC14WD-web-19 ACC14WD-web-18 ACC14WD-web-17 ACC14WD-web-16 ACC14WD-web-15 ACC14WD-web-14 ACC14WD-web-13 ACC14WD-web-12 ACC14WD-web-11 ACC14WD-web-10 ACC14WD-web-9 ACC14WD-web-8 ACC14WD-web-7 ACC14WD-web-6 ACC14WD-web-5 ACC14WD-web-4 ACC14WD-web-2

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