Becoming a Student

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What does apologetics look like where the rubber meets the road? The standalone Session 6 of the Thinking Series is now available on YouTube to the public: Story video Teaching video

How Do We Know The New Testament Documents Were Written In the First Century?

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Dr. Frank Turek of explains in simple term why we know that the N.T. documents must have been written in the first century. He is one of our keynote speakers at this year’s Apologetics Canada Conference! Can’t attend the conference? The recordings of the conference will be made available in April on our online store.

Only Wrong Most of the Time?: The Failure of Provisional Ethics

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The Moral Argument for the existence of God can be stated in this manner: If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist. Objective moral values and duties do exist. Therefore, God exists This moral argument is valid. That is, it’s impossible for the conclusion not to follow from the two premises. But are the premises …

Review: Cold-Case Christianity for Kids by J. Warner Wallace

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ike most Christian parents, the thought that my children might choose not to follow God is one of my deepest fears. I trust that God is sovereign over their lives, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to do everything in my power to point them towards the truth. But, where to even start? It’s a daunting task and just …

What’s Really Important in Life?

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“Why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill?” Have you ever asked yourself this question, or a variation of it? Perhaps you have no clue what I’m referring to. This is a quote from the movie The Matrix. The scene depicts Neo, the fresh-faced, prophesied savior of the world sitting across from Cypher, the hardened cynic who has lost …

Sex Is Not Wrong, nor Is It a Right

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Many of you may not have been alive, or weren’t hip to the jive, or were too busy raising babies during the reign of mega-group Salt-N-Pepa. Well, “mega-group” may be a little over the top, but they were a pretty big deal for a while in the late 80’s and through the mid-90’s. One of their many hits was a …