“SOGI Is Dangerous”: An Interview with Jenn Smith, a Trans-Identified Male

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The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculum that is being implemented in BC and has caused great concerns among many people, even the LGBTQ community. Join Andy and Terry as they interview Jenn Smith, a transgender-identified male, to discuss his concerns with what he explains is a dangerous curriculum.

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  1. All SOGI 123 resources need to be reviewed, not only for content but for delivery methods. SOGI 123 resources need to be replaced with truly inclusive and helpful resources that teach understanding and kindness to children without undermining traditional values and exposing children to extreme and unusual ideologies.

  2. I had a friend contact me as she knows I have been outspoken against SOGI 123. He daughter was claiming to be transgender at school. She was looking for advice. Turns out her kid wasn’t transgender. She was just a lonely girl struggling to make friends and claiming to be trans got her acceptance and friends. Can you imagine if her parents coddled this in her for fear of being called homophobes? They could have encouraged the sterilization of their daughter who just needed a friend.

    Us old goths are still around! 😉 lol

    1. I hope this parent has found the right kind of help for her child.
      This is why gay-straight clubs are dangerous – they entice lonely kids.
      Equally misleading is the Trojan horse called SOGI and all of its resources.

      1. Entice lonely kids?
        How about one place where a gay child feels safe. Your lack of compassion shameful
        You think you can convince someone to be gay? You think people choose to be something that bigots hate?
        You think life as a trans person is a choice someone would actually make?
        There are so many awful things happening in the world that you could direct this energy to protesting. Parents should be fighting climate change with a passion if they really want to change the trajectory of their children/ grandchildren’s life.

  3. Wonderful interview. I loved the comment about common sense. Jenn you have really utilized your life experience to develop a deep sense of courage and integrity on both the intellectual and heart level. Many thanks for your contribution here.

      1. Can you please specify where Jenn is “incredibly wrong and hateful”.
        Have you seen the hateful comments of gay activists – – “bigot”, “transphobe”, “homophobe”, shutting down free speech (what are these protesters scared of? The Truth?

        Why don’t they challenge Jenn Smith to a rational debate?
        Exposure of lies and Fear of the truth.

        1. Why doesn’t Jenn allow recording of his talks? It really seems like he’s the one who is scared of allowing people to research his claims before a debate, as this lets him put out lies unchallenged.

          I challenge Jenn to be proud of his presentation, and allow it to be recorded.

          1. Because he is most often mischaracterized and maligned. Can you give me one instance where his talks in public spaces have not been nastily shut down by rude activists who will not allow respectful discourse – what are they so afraid of?
            What happened to freedom of speech, respecting another point of view, or having a debate? The bullying never stops – Jenn’s audience has a right to hear him.

        1. Wow, I care about these kids and I care about our freedoms, and yet, you seem to be the one filled with hate.

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