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Steve and Terry recently attended a meeting put on by a group that is concerned by the new school curriculum that is being implemented in BC and Alberta. This curriculum normalizes homosexuality, transgenderism, etc., and teaches children to accept and celebrate it. Most people (even some teachers!) are unaware of this curriculum, and many parents and grandparents who are aware are greatly concerned. Steve and Terry discuss their experience with this meeting and what they learned from the presentations.

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The new taboo: More people regret sex change and want to ‘detransition’, surgeon says from National Post

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  1. As a Christian I find this podcast VERY VERY disappointing…

    My family member works in the public school system and this curriculum is very lightly taught AND the word “accept” is the focus more than “celebrate”.

    Accept Accept Accept

    ps. I come from a point of view where 3 classmates of my child committed suicide.

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