What’s Best for Charlie?

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A court battle has been going on in the UK over the life of a little infant who has a very rare disease. Ultimately, the court sided with the doctors and decided that it is in Charlie’s best interest to let him die with dignity. The parents, as expected, were heart-broken, as they had still one more option they wanted to pursue. This story – and the complex and challenging issue behind it – has grabbed the attention of the media in the UK. How might worldviews play into this? Andy, Steve, and Terry are back and they offer a piece of their mind.

Links & Articles

Who is Charlie Gard, what is the mitochondrial disease he suffers from and why was there a legal battle? from The Telegraph

Parents fighting to keep baby alive lose high court battle from The Guardian

Charlie Gard: US hospital ‘offers free treatment’ to terminally ill baby after Donald Trump intervenes from The Independent

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