Life Hacks: An Interview with Jon Morrison

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Those of you who have been with the AC Podcast from the beginning will recognize the voice of Jon Morrison. If you’ve been missing his voice on the AC Podcast, today’s episode will be a treat for you! We had Jon in the studio to discuss his new book, Life Hacks: Ideas that Change Everything, among many other things that have been on his mind.

Also, the Apologetics Canada team tackles an article that has been making the rounds on social media arguing that our children do NOT need apologetics.

Links & Articles

Jon Morrison website

The Jon Morrison Podcast on iTunes

Life Hacks: Ideas that Change Everything by Jon Morrison

Why Your Children do NOT Need Apologetics from Unfundamentalist Parenting

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  1. A great discussion. You all modelled Jon’s admonition to look at technology as a means for “giving” good content for life, rather than just “getting” ideas or entertainment for yourself. Some great life “hacks” in this podcast as well as in Jon’s book.

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