License to Kill? An Interview with a Canadian Physician on Euthanasia

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Over the past few weeks, there have been developments in the legalities surrounding physician-assisted death (euthanasia). What are the key points that we need to be aware of? What of the morality of it? How is it playing out in the very hospitals where the decisions to die will be made? Andy and Chris are joined this week by Dr. Ewan C. Goligher, a physician who is currently on the front lines, both in the debate and in the hospital rooms.

Links & Articles

Ewan C. Goligher: Six questions about physician-assisted death, from a conscientious objector from the National Post

Christian doctors challenge Ontario’s assisted-death referral requirement from the Globe and Mail

The Coalition for Healthcare and Conscience (website)

Medical Assistance in Dying from the Government of Canada

Read Bill C-14 from the Government of Canada

Assisted Dying Bill C-14 Passes Senate With Liberals’ Restrictive Approach from the Huffington Post

License to Kill? by Chris Battle

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