The Boss Pulls the Plug from North Carolina

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Corporate pressure is mounting against North Carolina because of a controversial bill that is claimed to be anti-LGBT. Mostly recently, Bruce Springsteen canceled his concert in North Carolina. Georgia is similarly under pressure for their religious freedom bill, as Disney, Marvel, and AMC all threatened to pull out of the Peach State. What are we to make of this? Andy, Steve, and Chris offer a piece of their mind on this topic in this week’s episode of the AC Podcast.


A Statement From Bruce Springsteen On North Carolina from

An Open Letter to Bruce Springsteen and His Band by Michael L. Brown

A Statement From Bruce Springsteen On North Carolina from CNN Money

Disney and Marvel fire warning shot as Georgia’s culture war spreads to Hollywood from The Washington Post


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  1. The big thing, I think, is education. Boycotting might work if there are sufficient numbers to impact sales (or get media attention in the right way). The sad truth is (as Dr. Michael Brown often notes), that if even a reasonable percentage of Christians understood these issues, we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

    So, the people in our churches need to understand these issues (in a balanced way!). Then they, along with us, can present a reasonable voice to help the greater culture understand the issues.

    That said, I don’t think the greater culture is very neutral on this anymore, so even a reasonable voice will probably be ignored, shouted down, or worse. It’s clear that ‘The Boss’ doesn’t even understand the issue he’s standing up for. Would his response be the same if he did? I don’t know, but I think we at least have to start there. Currently, he sees his actions as being a hero. Maybe if he understood the issue better, he might be more likely to get so strongly involved, even if he still agreed with their position.

    1. Also, I highly recommend following Dr. Brown’s work (in general and on this topic). Another would be Dr. James White of as well as the folks at Stand to Reason. All of these people regularly address this subject in ways that are pretty accessible to the general audience, and Dr. Brown and Dr. White have written substantial books on the subject. For more scholarly depth, a great resource is Rob Gagnon.

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