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Our good friend, J. Warner Wallace, is one of our conference speakers this weekend for the Apologetics Canada Conference 2016. On this week’s episode of AC Podcast, join us in our conversation with this seasoned cold-case homicide detective and Christian apologist to get a feel for his new book, God’s Crime Scene. When we look at our universe as a crime scene, is there evidence of an intruder from the outside?

Books by J. Warner Wallace

Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels

God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe


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  1. Great discussion about the grounding of morality, especially around the subtleties. We’re often using the more dramatic examples like murder or rape (from both sides), and even though I think those are strong cases (as Steve indicated) once you start to dig down into it, the problems get harder, not easier (like Jim’s resource hoarding example). That’s a timely point given current political debate, as why shouldn’t a powerful country use economic influence so their people flourish at the expense of some other countries’ people.

    However, I wanted to interject one note concerning the comments about free-will and determinism. I actually don’t think there’s too much controversy within the Christian fold on determinism. It’s a free-will vs ‘bound’-will type debate, and yes, certainly involves our view of God’s sovereignty. In my opinion, it sometimes involves some confusion over will vs choice. I’ve got an article that might be helpful on that:

    I’m pretty sure everyone won’t agree with my take on it, but I think it’s an important distinction to keep in mind when having such conversations.

    1. Jaden, here are a couple of links to get you started:

      Vestigial Organs: Comparing ID and Darwinian Approaches

      Are Humans Ever Born with “Perfectly Formed” Tails?

      But, even *if* that video were accurate, IMO, it would only add a bit of evidence to the evolution side of the ‘evolution vs creation’ debate. And, even in the realm of the ‘vestigial’ line of argumentation, it’s important to look at which direction the trend is moving. Consider ‘Junk DNA’ and ENCODE (and now beyond). When I was in seminary, that was supposed to be the knock-down argument in support of an evolutionary view (note: neo-Darwinian view…. all creationists believe in evolution to some extent!). Or, look at organs like the appendix which were considered evolutionary baggage.

      Time and time again, these ‘vestige’ ideas have gone down in flames as we learn more about what is really going on. But, even if one didn’t…. so? I don’t think that would really prove anything. It’s more just a matter of what we’d expect to find on either given view, in general, not for every single instance.

      But this ‘vestigial’ line of argumentation is only a small part of the Evo vs ID debate.

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