Worst Apologetics Arguments Pt. 3, Anti-bullying Day

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AC Podcast is back this week with the fourth and final episode of a mini-series on the Worst Apologetic Arguments. In today’s episode, we discuss the burning in the bosom. Christians often appeal to the inner witness of the Holy Spirit to argue for the truth of Christianity. Is this a legitimate move? Check out the accompanying blog post by Chris Battle.

Also, put your pink shirt on – especially if you are Christian. There is at least one worldview on which anti-bullying doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, and it’s not Christianity.


What’s Making News?

Anti-bullying message resonates in schools from cbc.ca

Pink Shirt Day

“To This Day”… for the bullied and beautiful by Shane Koyczan

Outro Music “Nameless: the Hackers Title Screen” by BoxCat Games
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