Too Sensitive for John Cleese, Evolution

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AC Podcast is back this week with the third episode of a mini-series on the Worst Apologetic Arguments. In today’s episode, we discuss the evolution. Check out the accompanying blog post by Andy Steiger.

On the other hand, John Cleese has announced that he will no longer perform at university campuses. What’s going on there?

What’s Making News?

Monty Python star John Cleese will no longer perform at university campuses as political correctness kills comedy from Telegraph

On a related note:

At Conservative Writer’s Speech, Left-Wing Protesters Smear Fake Blood on Their Faces, Shout ‘Black Lives Matter’ — but Others in Crowd Aren’t Having It from The Blaze

Oklahoma Wesleyan University President Dr. Everett Piper: ‘This Is Not a Daycare’ from NBC News

We love satire:


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  2. 1. i’m likely not a ‘6000 year earther’ but when you talk about evolution…
    was Adam,
    was Eve,
    were they real people or made up story book heros?
    2. what is your relationship with the gospel coalition? I get the chills and sweat from them and cold and hot news about them from the web.

  3. oophs I forgot to say a big thank you for the great event last Friday and yesterday at Northview in Abbotsford – best event I have attended this year!

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