Why I Don’t Care about Evolution

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This is part two of a four-part series titled Worst Apologetics Arguments Ever. Check out the accompanying podcast episode!

How’s your faith?

There was a time in college when my faith was on life support and needed to be resuscitated regularly because of a bad argument I believed.


Specifically, I believed that if evolution was true, God could not exist. If evolution was false, God must exist. But is that correct? For most of my life I thought it was; so I studied the arguments for and against evolution. Please note, I’m not talking about microevolution, clearly things evolve in small ways over time. I’m talking about neo-Darwinian macroevolution, that things evolve in big ways over time and can account for every aspect of human life. As I studied the evidence I mentally prepared myself to pull the plug on my life-support faith if ever I determined that evolution was true.

As you can imagine, when I came across evidence that supported evolution, my faith went into cardiac arrest. The Intelligent Design defibrillator paddles were pulled out to jolt my faith back alive with arguments against evolution. This went on for years leaving me anxious and defeated; but then, slowly, I realized not only is evolution not a good argument for God’s existence, it’s not even an argument at all. I realized this when I began to read and hear different scientists and philosophers raise serious concern about neo-Darwinism. I assumed that their doubts would result in theism but they didn’t! They merely began to look for alternate explanations.

Then it hit me. Regardless of whether evolution is true or false, it would only show how God created, but say nothing to the question, Did God create? Again, evolution is a “how” question not a “who” question. Currently, I do not believe that neo-Darwinian macroevolution occurred but I came to that conclusion for scientific reasons, not theological reasons. My faith has now been off life support for some time, strengthened by good arguments for God’s existence.

Listen in as Andy, Steve, and Chris discuss this topic in greater detail on this week’s episode of AC Podcast.


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  2. Yup, I can relate. Neo-Darwinian macroevolution requires a “leap of faith,” so to speak, due to the lack of hard evidence. For the naturalist however, there simply isn’t any other viable option because of their presuppositional devotion to Philosophical Naturalism. In my opinion, this is a form of closed mindedness -I digress. And I liked what you said in the podcast, “evolution is a matter of how, not who.” Don’t let the “how” de-rail your trust in the “Who.” Great article!

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