Infiltrating the Ivory Tower

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This is part one of a three-part series titled How Then Shall We Live? Check out this accompanying podcast episode!

Now that I’m in my mid-30s with two children of my own, I look at those who are in grade 11 and 12 and realize how young they still are. (Of course, some are very mature, sometimes tragically so.) Heck, I once even referred to the students in a college class as “kids”!

It’s funny how hindsight changes things.

You see, once I went on a camping trip with this youth group from the Catholic church I used to attend in Korea. I was perhaps in grade 5 or 6. The youth leaders were in high school, what would have been the equivalent of grade 11 and 12. A number of them were even in college. I distinctly remember looking at them and thinking, “Gosh. They are all grown up.” From my vantage point at the time, they were so far ahead, so beyond my reach. I couldn’t imagine myself getting there. Yet, now that I see a bigger picture of life, I see that the gap between my grade-5-self and my college-self wasn’t as big as it had once seemed.

I think this is illustrative of our intellectual life as well. Have you ever had that experience where you saw Professor so-and-so and that Dr. such-and-such speaking on the theory-of-whatever and it was all Greek to you? I know I have.

Now, could it be that the gap between you and the Dr-I-Have-Three-PhDs is smaller than you think? Could it be that the proverbial ivory tower is not as impregnable as it may seem?

You may not be the next Albert Einstein or William Lane Craig, but what if you could learn enough to be able to speak on just a handful of topics with clarity and intelligence? What if the Gospel were one of those topics? Did you know that being able to do this is not optioal for a Christian? (1 Pet. 3:15)

Keep your ears open for this week’s podcast episode as we continue in the series, How Then Shall We Live, as we discuss some recommended study habits.

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