Pagan Christmas Pt. 2, TS Seminar, Launch

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Last week, we held our first Thinking Series Course Seminar where Andy, Chris, and Steve each gave a presentation on the topic of the humanizing effect of Christianity. The full talks will be posted via podcast in over the next few weeks, but here is a snapshot of what we’ve talked about.

Also in this week’s episode, we will share with you what is on the agenda for Apologetics Canada. There are lots of exciting opportunities coming up and you will want to hear it from us.

Finally, is Jesus just a Jewish version of pagan deities? We’ve gone over this before but, with Christmas just around the corner, it’s worth going over again briefly.

Gone Over This Before

AC Podcast 037 from Apologetics Canada

Lutheran Satire

If you are not familiar with Lutheran Satire, it’s worth checking out. I suggest that you start with St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies. You are welcome.

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