Where Do We Go From Here?

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Each week, we will be releasing one of the student blog posts from the Thinking Series Online Course that we find excellent. This week, we share with you a post written by Alyssa Hooge.

Growing up all of my neighbours were Mormons. Living alongside Mormons, and having many Mormon friends has opened the door to many interesting conversations about faith over the years. My dad is good friends with a Mormon Bishop, who allowed me to use this conversation for this blog, but asked to remain anonymous, so I will refer to him as Chris.

Recently Chris took us on a tour of the Mormon Temple. It had just been built and before it was ‘dedicated’ it was open to the public.

Chris said that the reason he enjoyed going to the temple was because it was the only place he was able to feel close to God. The temple is the place that God dwelled and the harder that he worked to be able to move higher up in the temple, the closer he could feel to God. Chris also talked about how he believed in Mormonism because of how it tied his family together. He said that he could not imagine heaven without his family and that heaven would be worthless without them. He said that God desires for all of humanity to be joined as families, and for some to succeed to become gods in their own right, which has been made possible through Jesus Christ and their own personal merit.

Leaving that temple that day I felt very strange. I felt sad for Chris and all of his friends who believed that God only dwelled in the temple, and that they had to be good enough to go and meet with him. I felt confused because they were so convinced of their beliefs, just as I am convinced of mine.

But the thought that I could not shake was that Christianity and Mormonism at the core really are not that different, they both originated from the same thing. But the differences and additions that Mormonism has added has taken us to completely different end points. It’s like we both stood at a fork in the road and each went a different way.

It left me wondering which one of us took the wrong path. Which one of us added or didn’t add the right ingredients to our faith?

We all want to be right. We all want to know the truth. But the thing about searching for the truth, is that it is exclusive. There is right, and there is wrong. That means that someone will be wrong, and another will be right. It is hard and fast and black and white. This is a fact that scares us today, in a world of relativism, post-modernity and shades of grey.

One of us is wrong. The other is right. So where do we go from here?

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