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Conflict in Syria is displacing millions and the Western world is trying to figure out how to handle this phenomenon. People are divided: some are saying that we should open our doors and take them in the name of compassion, while others are saying that we should keep our doors closed because the economy can’t handle it and it will potentially compromise national security.

Curious what we are thinking? Tune in to this week’s episode of AC Podcast.

What’s Making News?

Germany asks European Commission to extend border controls from Reuters

‘It was like a dream,’ says Syrian refugee of coming to Saskatchewan from CBC News

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  1. A good talk about the Syrian Refugee debate. Just a short feedback that Jordan- south of Syria-has welcomed more than 1.5 million refugees since the beginning of this crisis . I was visiting Jordan – my home country -just last July and the country is like “full”. And you may imagine what pressure is put on schools, health, food prices, rent costs and other basics because of the quick increase in population ( 10 million now). I am wondering why rich, big and empty countries like Saudi Arabia doesnt welcome these refugees. I am sure Gulf countries can build a complete city for them within months. Why the crisis just peaked nowadays and how all these refugees managed to cross Syria, Turkey and now reach even Sweden? I don’t know what is really going on and what’s coming. But I am sure that God is on His throne and He does what he pleases. The Lord is near.

    Be blessed;


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