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When God called me to be a pastor, an important part of this calling meant taking the responsibility of equipping the saints for works of service (Ephesians 4:12). Part of this equipping means training people to be able to understand, accept and articulate the truth of the Christian worldview. It means taking questions (be they from skeptics or Christians working through their own curiosities and doubts) and be able to give a response that is both rational and winsome.

If Christians can do this, to me, that is a tremendous service to this world.

One of the prevailing issues that the 21st century pastor must help his people understand is the issue of how to relate the claims of the Bible with the findings of science.

More specifically, this means I must help them relate science and their faith in a coherent way that they can then bring into the public sphere. The problem that I observe is that most pastors are woefully under-equipped to in this area. We are good at exegeting Romans 8. We are not so good at explaining how cosmology relates to Genesis 1. This failure is to ignore part of our Ephesians 4:12 pastoral mandate.

I believe it is the call of pastors to read the works of scientists, philosophers, and theologians, and then interpret these fields through a biblical worldview, teaching them to our people. Parishioners need their pastor to build a bridge between the academic world of ideas and discoveries and their own world of work, family life, and how they make sense of reality.

As a pastor myself, no one has helped me in this area better than Professor John Lennox. Dr. Lennox lectures at Oxford University, has written several books and is a highly sought-after speaker all around the world. His quick and clever, Irish charm wins me over immediately but his content makes me think deeply. The thing I have benefited most is his memorable analogies that are easy to share with others. I have quoted Dr. Lennox (and ripped off his illustrations) more than anyone else.

Simply stated, Dr. Lennox has helped me with the Ephesians 4:12 call to the clergy. I would invite every pastor and anyone else interested in learning more about the complex relationship between faith and science to check out the work of Dr. John Lennox.

In fact, if you live in Metro Vancouver, you can even come and see him live. Our friends at RZIM Canada are bringing Dr. Lennox to Langley for a night that will help believer and skeptic alike. We are pleased to partner with RZIM Canada to make this night the success that it promises to be. I would encourage you to sign up and invite your skeptic friends to attend this event on July 12 at Christian Life Assembly.

You can sign up through Eventbrite by following this link:

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