What’s the Point?

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ID-100171720What is the point? An open-ended question which, I imagine, would cause one to wonder what someone is referring to when they ask it. Is it something specific? Does it pertain to an unfortunate soul who has caught the latest fad of dying their hair brown, meanwhile they have not put the time or effort into discovering that brown, is in fact, their natural hair color. Or maybe someone has written something out a number of times, only to have a friend peer over their shoulder to inform them that they could have photocopied the original as many times as they wanted. We likely haven’t all experienced these exact situations, but we have all had those moments in our life that cause us to press our palms firmly to our heads as we exclaim, “what did I do that for?” However, that all being said, this question does not refer to a specific event, but rather life in general. Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the point of my life?”?

We all find different meanings in our life. In fact when asked, “What is the meaning to life?” most people would respond by saying that the meaning to your life is the meaning you give it. Therefore, meaning is subjective, and there is no general meaning, but that we are all on a journey to find our own. At first glance, this can be an appealing concept. It allows us autonomy to give our own lives meaning. However, there is a problem with this philosophy; allow me to explain. I have no idea how to read any Asian language. I cannot even pretend to know. From my perspective it only looks like a series of symbols, and while they look kind of cool, I currently have no ability to interpret a single one. But let’s say I took the same approach to Asian languages as most people take to life. Instead of searching for the actual meaning of them, I just started creating my own meaning. So I buckle down and go through all the Asian symbols I can find and give each one of them meaning, not their intended meaning, only my own. Do you see where I’m going here? The truth is, it doesn’t matter what meaning I give it, it doesn’t change its intended meaning and anyone who knew the language would look at me as if I had absolutely lost my mind. The point I’m making is that we are not the author of our own lives. Our search for meaning can only be satisfied properly by the one who created us.

Personally I am relieved by this idea. Quite frankly, if I didn’t believe in God, I would be a nihilist. There would be no point to life. No matter how much meaning I gave my life, I know that at the end of the day, it would just be an illusion. One day I’m going to die and then that’s it. Even if I have a legacy to leave or if I became a historical person; that would still one day be gone and forgotten. Thank God for…well…God! I know that my life is given purpose in His will. Not only do my decisions affect my life on earth, but also my life in eternity.

ID-10044808Now while some may be as relieved as I am, others may not find this quite as appealing. Perhaps you may be in the camp that is turned off by a “pre-designated meaning” so to speak. They would suggest this makes us more robotic and that our freedom is taken from us when we submit to God. I would answer that by suggesting this is just as true as saying a fish’s freedom is taken from it when it submits to the water. We all know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if a fish had the ability to complain about its current living conditions, it would be met with a chorus of other fish and people alike saying, “You were made to be in the water!” (Obviously this is all hypothetical, I am aware that fish cannot talk). A fish is most free in the conditions that it was created to live, it is not restricted by the water…it is freed by the water. We are not restricted by Christ, but we a freed by Him.

So I invite you to look up, remove the palm that has been planted firmly against your forehead and answer this question once again… What is the point?

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