Why Jesus: Four Reasons to Hope this Easter.

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Why Jesus?: Four reasons to have hope this Easter.


Everything in Christianity comes to a climax at Easter.  It is the most important holiday Christians celebrate. The writers of the New Testament go to great lengths to press this point: Easter is all about our hope. Here are four reasons to place our hope in this Easter:

1)   Jesus is mighty to save.

Jesus claimed to be the Messiah or Christ. Messiah means “anointed one” or, literally, “smeared one.” This is because Jews anointed or “crowned” their kings with oil. In Matthew 21, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt, both to fulfill scripture and because this was how a king returned from a victorious battle. On Palm Sunday, Jesus was claiming victory while the Jews, slaves to the Romans, shouted “Hosanna” – save us. Notice that the Romans nailed a sign above Jesus on the cross calling him the King of the Jews. There, hanging from a cross, was the Jew’s beaten, mocked, and murdered king. However, Jesus claimed to be more then just a king. He claimed to be the King of Kings – God himself. The resurrection of Jesus gives us hope that He is the victorious King, mighty to save, and able lead us into His kingdom where we will reign with Him forever and ever!

2)   Jesus defeated death.

The disciples witnessed Jesus heal the sick, set the captives free, and raise the dead to life. However, seeing these miracles still didn’t seem to be enough to trust Him with their lives and they all abandoned Jesus. Yet, three days later, they witnessed something that changed everything: Jesus restored Himself to life! Eternal life! You need to understand that the disciples witnessed more then a man brought back to life; Jesus was the embodiment of eternal life itself– a man that would never die again. The resurrection of Jesus gives us hope that death has been defeated!

3)   Jesus revealed God to us.

Jesus claimed to know and see reality correctly. More then that, he claimed to be reality, truth in the flesh. Amongst the world’s religious leaders, Jesus has no equal. Jesus did not claim to have searched inside himself or outside himself to find the truth – He claimed to be the truth. At Easter, we celebrate that Jesus demonstrated that these were not merely words: He proved it. The resurrection of Jesus gives us hope that the truth was revealed to us in a person and we can know Him.

4)   Jesus offers God’s Grace.

Check out this Think For A Minute video from Apologetics Canada that explains this last point.


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