A Reasonable Response: A Review

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Aside from his debates with numerous skeptics of all stripes, the aspect of Dr. William Lane Craig’s ministry that I personally appreciated the most is the Q&A section of his website, www.reasonablefaith.org. This enormous collection of weekly Q&A exchange (which now totals at 355) has been distilled into a book called A Reasonable Response: Answers to Tough Questions on God, Christianity and the Bible, co-authored with his teaching assistant, Joseph Gorra. In this short review, I wish to set forth a few pros and cons I have observed.


  • This book contains real questions from real people. Any skeptic who picks up a copy of this book can be rest assured that the questions are not straw men set up by a Christian to make himself look nice.
  • The responses are marked by Dr. Craig’s characteristic incisiveness and clarity of thought. The way he catches and draws out hidden assumptions and presuppositions are very informative.
  • The boxes of insights offered by Joseph Gorra was very helpful as it alerts the reader to the “moves” Dr. Craig is making in his response.
  • The book is neatly divided into different sections: questions about knowledge; God; cosmos and meaning of life; afterlife and evil; person of Jesus and discipleship; and Dr. Craig’s take on certain practical issues. Having a logical, progressive and compartmentalized structure means one can choose to read through it top to bottom, or pick and choose which questions to read about.
  • Many books on apologetics deal with the what of apologetics with little regard to the how of it. I was glad to see substantial appendices that do just that.



  • Anyone who has followed Dr. Craig’s work will know that he has certain guidelines in selecting weekly questions for the Q&A. One requirement is that the questioner exhibit some familiarity with Dr. Craig’s work. As such, this book may go over the reader’s head at times if he/she has no acquaintance with his work to begin with. Reading through his On Guard should prepare the reader quite well.
  • I experienced some minor annoyance with the eBook format. (I use a Kindle.) Because of the way the sections of the book are divided up, my Kindle regarded the subsections of within a chapter to be the chapter division itself. The progress section on the screen consistently showed “1 minute left in the chapter” or “Chapter Complete” while reading through the actual chapter.


Overall, I find this book highly useful. It is a great book to recommend to anyone who has some acquaintance with Dr. Craig’s work. With the suggestions on how to use this book for small groups, etc., this will also prove to be a valuable resource in the library of any lay leader.

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