Is Jesus Real?

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Is Jesus Real_09.Still029Christmas is a time that many children consider the question, “Is Santa Real?” I can still remember the day that all my doubts were confirmed when my mom broke the news to me. “Andy,” she said, “it’s time to tell you the truth. Santa Claus isn’t real…” I was devastated but relieved. I had my suspicions for some time considering that we didn’t even have a chimney.

When you think about it, Santa Claus contains some bizarre ideas but what about Jesus? There comes a time in all of our lives that we begin to rethink what we have been told as kids and wonder if it’s just another Santa story. Christmas is a time that many adults consider the question, “Is Jesus Real?” When you think about it, the nativity is even more incredible than Santa Claus. Christians believe that the virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus, God in the flesh, in a stable with barn animals, shepherds and even angels. Despite Jesus’ humble beginnings he would become the savior of the world. Every year millions even billions of people gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But what exactly are we celebrating, is it just a fun story? Must we like children who believe in Santa Claus check our brains at the church doors to believe the Jesus story?

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At Apologetics Canada we have met many different people at church. The people we meet that continually concern us are what we call “meaningful Christians”. These are people that come to church because it’s meaningful. Often we meet them because they hear about the Apologetics Canada Conference or something else Apologetics Canada is doing and are intrigued by the idea that church could be more than a meaningful story or a good place for their children to learn some values. It might actually be true! There are lots of meaningful stories in our world but I want truth. For this reason I define faith as trusting what you have good reason to believe is true.

At Apologetics Canada we want to encourage you this Christmas to discuss the question “Is Jesus Real?” with your church, friends and family. This December, I plan to host a Thinking Christmas Cafe at my church on this subject and I encourage you to do the same. Please feel free to download and use this video to promote discussion about Jesus this Christmas. I am convinced that people in our churches will never share their faith if it is only a meaningful story. However, we all naturally evangelize for what we believe is true. So, what good reasons do you have this Christmas to believe that Jesus is real?

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  1. Links to resources for those who don’t know where to begin might be a good next step.
    Just putting questions in someone’s head – who has very little faith (or a warped view) probably will not lead to a “meaningful” discussion – especially if they are not going to a church that will give them good, clean facts

  2. I was looking forward to sharing this for my unsaved friends, but it offers no reasons to believe Jesus is real. I could see them saying, “This is a joke. Talk about ‘checking your mind at the the door’.” Sorry, but not at all what I expected from an apologetics ministry.

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