Apologetics Canada Conference 2014 – Speaker Bio #2

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We continue with the introduction of the speakers at the next year’s Apologetics Canada Conference.

Speaker #2: Sokreaksa “Reaksa” Himm!

At first glance, Reaksa (RICK-sah) may seem like an ordinary man but his story is anything but ordinary. He was born and raised in a large middle class family in Cambodia. In 1977, at the age of 14, he had to watch 13 members of his family get murdered in the Killing Fields* at the hand of the Khmer Rouge**, the communist regime that had taken power in Cambodia. Reaksa himself was almost killed in the incident but he managed to flee to Thailand, where he spent five grueling years surviving refugee camps and hiding from death squads.

Eventually, Reaksa’s journey took him to Canada where he became a follower of Christ. After this life-changing event and many agonizing years of internal turmoil, he returned to Cambodia. He sought and found the two soldiers responsible for the death of his family and his own near-death…

… and he forgave them.

If Dr. Jones will help us approach the problem of evil from an intellectual standpoint, Reaksa will help us do the same from an experiential standpoint. To read more about Reaksa and his books, click here and here.


* If you are unfamiliar with the Killing Fields, click here for the Wikipedia article.

** If you are unfamiliar with the Khmer Rouge, click here for the Wikipedia article.

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