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I wanted to write a book of Christian philosophy that could be read by people who were not philosophers. Most of us do not speak in syllogisms. We make logical fallacies simply going to the grocery store never mind while having a philosophical discussion. Most of us find we have all these questions and are wondering if anyone can help us find the truth. That’s what I have tried to do here. I have sought out to write a book on Christian apologetics that people will enjoy reading. Now that it is published, I should let you in on the journey.

In 2011, I resigned from a really fun and fruitful young adult ministry at a healthy church in a beautiful city. I left in order to get some training in how to help youth and young adults become strengthened in their faith and equipped to defend it with others. I perceived that this was one of the greatest challenges facing Canadian churches.

Two years later, after the many dollars spent, papers written, conversations had and time spent burning my eyes out staring at a laptop screen, I have a book that, I believe, fills a huge need in the church today. It is something that pastors can give to the person who is struggling to keep their faith or struggling to figure out Christian faith.

I took what I believe are the major topics that people are struggling with today and have presented them as part of the rational case for historic Christianity. I have included a chapter on the always interesting faith and science discussion, three chapters on evidences for the existence of God, a two chapter response answering why God allows suffering and evil?; the trustworthiness of the Bible; the Christian doctrine of hell; the exclusivity of Christianity and the reasons to believe that Jesus is really alive today.

Throughout every page I have mixed in my own personal struggles, stories and, of course, a few cartoons to help keep things novel.

I wrote this to serve the church as a book people can hand to someone struggling in their faith or to keep for themselves in order to answer some of their own questions. Clear Minds & Dirty Feet will encourage Christians that the truth of Christianity is a message worth sharing with everyone. You can pick up a copy for yourself by contacting me personally or through

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  1. It’s going to be a super exciting 2014 for apologetics in BC! Not are you guys doing your event again — one *two sites*!!! — but RZIM are bringing their summer school to Trinity Western in July — Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, Craig Evans — the list goes on. What a year it’s going to be!!!!

  2. Yay!! I’ll be at all events listed above by Justin! 🙂 Unfortunately when I clicked on the link above to contact Jon about his book “Clear Minds & Dirty Feet”, the link is dead. Someone please contact me re: book sale?

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