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Parents! It was so great to be at the Apologetics Canada 2013 Conference with you! It’s awesome and exciting to see God at work in people’s lives with over 1400 people attending the conference… but not just that, He’s working in families! How do we know? Because we saw:

– Parents coming to buy Dr. William Lane Craig’s books for young children such that we sold out by 8:00am Saturday morning

– Parents looking for resources to teach and share truth with their children

– Conversations with people who are already sharing books and materials with preteens and teens in their family and Sunday School class

A conversation with one Mom especially

encouraged me. She came looking for our

recommended reading list and after looking

at it, mentioned that she had already read

many of the books listed with her son, who

was now 14. That’s inspiring!

Many parents were asking how to get started, especially if their children are very young. Dr. Craig’s “What is God Like” series of books are a great start for teaching truth about who God is to children in preschool to early elementary. If you missed them at the conference, you can order them online from Biola University through the website and on

As the Mom that I met has already done, reading through a book together with your older child, is a great way to open conversation and promote thinking about faith questions at home. We’ve listed many resources on our ‘Parenting Good Reads’ recommended reading list and would welcome any suggestions that other parents have of materials that they’ve used in their family. If it’s too early to read a book together yet, you might try asking your child what is one question that they have about God. You might be surprised at what they’ve been thinking about! We tried this with our 7-year-old and found that he didn’t get how both Jesus and God were both God. We promised to get back to him and looked for ways that we could explain this at his level. With any question, from young children or older, don’t be afraid to say ‘I’ll do some research and get back to you.” There are many resources available online (helpful websites are also listed in our Good Reads resource list) and in print.

Also be sure to sign up for our parenting email list where we will keep you informed of apologetics events for parents in our area.

May God bless you as build a household of faith!

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