Exploring The Meaning Of Life And Other Questions You Might Be Asking

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I want to share a little about what we are up to following up after a very successful 2013 Apologetics Canada Conference. Every Wednesday night, for the next five weeks, we are in Abbotsford and Port Moody, giving lectures and leading discussions about five topics we have called, “The Big 5”. These are the top five questions that we feel people are asking today. These questions are:

Does Life Have Meaning?
Does God Exist?
Why is there Evil and Suffering?
Do all Religions Lead to God?
Is there Life After Death?

In preparation for my first discussion, I decided to look to Apple iPhone’s virtual assistant, Siri, for some help. Usually quite handy in a pinch, I asked my phone, “Siri, what is the meaning of life?”

The response I got was a little vague: “Life: that condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

Siri is great with movie theatre times but little help when it comes to finding out the meaning of life. Thankfully, there are other places to look. This is where Apologetics Canada wants to help. It is our prayer that many would find hope in the person of Jesus, the center of the Christian worldview.

Last week Andy spoke to a crowded a pub at University of the Fraser Valley and this week will begin his five part series hosted at Northview Community Church. At Gallaghers Cafe, on Wednesday March 20, I will be looking at part two of the series. This week, we are looking to answer the question, “Does God Exist?” Again, to prepare for this, I sought Siri for a chance of redemption. The conversation went like this:

<Beep Beep>

Me: “Siri, does God exist?”

Siri: “That’s a topic for another day and another assistant.”

Siri is right. That’s a topic for another day. March 20 at Gallaghers and March 27 at Northview Church to be more precise.


For more information on the Skeptics Cafe in Abbotsford, follow this link.

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  1. I was always trying to figure out the meaning of life, to find out if there even was one. Does our brief moment of life mean anything before we are to return to the dirt. Why am I here?

    I concluded the purpose of life was to go out and do things that matter. So I asked myself “does anything I do matter?” And what counts and what doesn’t. And who decides what counts, it can’t be man becuase they all have different opinions. But there has to be a foundation somewhere.

    If things truly matter then it has to prove the existence of god.

    This is what I concluded on a scrap piece of paper.
    “If nothing I do matters then why do I get the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done, why do I get that feeling. How do I get a sense of acheivement. I don’t think any other species out there experiences that. It seperates us from them, it’s why we push ourselves and test our limits. It is a quality of god and we are the only ones made in his image.”

    Out of this a lot of other questions have to be asked. I could elaborate on the above but I will have to sort out how to better articulate myself.


  2. The necessity of evil

    Evil is a great tool to test man to seperate gods people for the harvest. (Theory)

    “You have tested us, O God; you have purified us like silver” – He could not test us and refine us if everything was good. Without evil we could not grow by choice and god is more important to us in a world with evil.

    Think of your time here on earth as try-outs, yes you can sin a lot and still make the team. Besides sports aren’t fun if everybody wins.

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