2013 Apologetics Canada Conference Highlights

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The 2013 Apologetics Canada Conference was a great success!

God blessed us with a sold out crowd of over 1,400 people requiring some people to get very creative to find a ticket. The conference theme this year was called: “Thinking?”  Specifically, we challenged people to think about their hope. As Andy began the conference he challenged those in attendance to consider: Do you have hope? What is your hope in? Do you have good reason for the hope you have?Our speakers this year did a wonderful job demonstrating that our hope in Jesus Christ is not wishful thinking but trusting what we have good reason to believe is true. After the conference we heard reports from many many people of lives changed, faith strengthened and first time commitments to Christ made!
The conference DVD includes:
• Video of all 4 main sessions (including Q&A with Dr. Craig and Dr. Craig’s PowerPoint)
• Audio of all 15 breakout sessions (except Logos training)
• All 6 Think For A Minute videos, Think For A Minute devotional and Think For A Minute discussion questions.
*Please note: DVD will ship April 1st.
This year was more than a conference; it was also a speaking tour.  Dr. Craig addressed packed crowds at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Trinity Western University (TWU), University of British Columbia (UBC) and University of Calgary (U of C). At SFU, Dr. Craig addressed: Is Belief in God Reasonable? There were over 150 students present. The time of Q&A was filled with excellent questions, put forward in a thoughtful and sincere manner.
At TWU, Dr. Craig was warmly welcomed at Chapel to a full house. He spoke on: The Evidence for Christianity. Afterwards, many students and faculty came to talk with Dr. Craig and have him sign books. Following lunch Dr. Craig addressed the faculty of TWU on the subject: What is the relationship between faith and reason? This was followed by a great time of Q&A. There was a packed out attendance of TWU faculty for that lecture and some great dialogue that followed.

UBC -  "Does God exist?"

UBC – “Does God exist?”

Dr. Craig spoke at UBC on the topic: Does a Fine-Tuned Universe Point to a Cosmic Designer? Again, this venue was packed with an attendance of over 400 students. The Q&A afterwards was especially fruitful with the students asking tough questions respectfully and sincerely. There was a chalk board at this venue (see picture) to mark whether you believe in God. The final tally was 293 YES, 273 NO, 81 NOT SURE and 71 OTHER demonstrating the diversity of belief on our university campuses, especially at UBC.
Lastly, Andy Steiger, Steve Kim and Dr. Craig flew to Calgary, Alberta where Faith Beyond Belief arranged for Dr. Craig to speak at the University of Calgary.  Again, there was a packed audience of over 350 students on the topic: Is Belief in God Reasonable? Faith Beyond Belief in coordination with Biola University held the Be Ready Conference hosted by Centre Street Church, with over 850 people in attendance. Dr. Craig gave a keynote address on the topic: Is Belief in God Reasonable? and Andy Steiger taught a breakout session on the topic: What is the meaning of life?
We could not have been more encouraged by the week’s events! Special thanks toApologetics.com, Northview Community Church, Reasonable Faith, Out Reach Canada, Power to Change, Christian Leadership Initiative, University Christian Ministry, Catholic Christian Outreach and Faith Beyond Belief for helping make this years conference and speaking tour not only possible but a great success!!
*Special thanks to Lis Christine Photography out of Portland, Oregon and Alyssa Schroeder Photography out of Abbotsford, BC for their wonderful pictures of the conference. We highly recommend them!!

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  1. Yes, very much there and fantastic feedback from the event. If you didn’t manage to make the event, Bob, keep an eye on http://www.rzim.ca — we’ve some major BC/Vancouver announcements coming soon!

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