Post-Conference Q&A with Dr. William Lane Craig

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This year’s apologetics conference put on by Apologetics Canada drew over 1,400 people.  Because of the sheer size of the crowd, our Q&A with Dr. William Lane Craig was conducted in a format different from that of previous years.  This year, attendees submitted their questions via Text, Twitter and the Web.  The response was overwhelming, with some 200 questions to sift through for the live Q&A session with Dr. Craig.  As you can imagine, Jon and I were not able to get to all of the questions.

But, fortunately for all of us, Andy and I had a chance to ask Dr. Craig a few more of these questions on our flight to Calgary where Andy and Dr. Craig are scheduled to speak.  So, I compiled them in this blog.  For most questions, I will point you to Dr. Craig’s website and his resources.  For others, I will paraphrase the answers offered by Dr. Craig on the plane.

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Q: If people can be saved through general revelation, why bother preaching the Good News?  Wouldn’t it be safer to withhold the preaching of the Gospel in the first place to prevent them from rejecting it?

A: I refer you to Dr. Craig’s popular-level article, “How Can Christ Be the Only Way to God?”  This article addresses the problem of the fate of unevangelized.  The above question is also addressed along the way.  If you prefer to listen rather than read, there is a Reasonable Faith podcast episode titled “What About Those Who Never Heard?”


Q: What do you mean by “free will”?  From what is this will free?

A: The short answer is, “free from causal determinants”.  Dr. Craig has addressed the issue of free will extensively.  I encourage you to search through Dr. Craig’s website at


Q: Is a Roman Catholic believer a brother or sister in Christ?

A: Dr. Craig addresses this very question on an episode of his Reasonable Faith podcast titled “What About Catholicism?


Q: Predestination vs. Free Will.  Which one is right?

A: Dr. Craig espouses what is called Molinism, named after a 16th-century Spanish counter-reformer, Luis de Molina.  Dr. Craig has also contributed to a book called “Four Views on Divine Providence”.   Also, listen to his podcast episode on this book.


Q: What is your current stance on Scott Clifton’s arguments against the Kalam Cosmological Argument?

A: A Reasonable Faith podcast episode that addresses this very topic is scheduled to be released in the future.  Keep your ears open for it!


Q: How was God able to create the universe without changing if he himself is changeless?

A: God is changeless because God is timeless.  (Change happens only over time and, so, without time, there would be no change.)  Dr. Craig’s view is that, at the point of creation – which includes the creation of space-time continuum – God entered into time.  This means, according to Dr. Craig, that, since God has stepped into time, He is now changing.  I encourage you to listen to the Reasonable Faith podcast episode, “God and Time”.  For a more in-depth look at God’s relationship to time, check out Dr. Craig’s books, “Time and Eternity: Exploring God’s Relationship to Time” and “God and Time: Four Views”.


Q: Is Christian apologetics neglecting answers to other ideologies?  Why such a heavy focus on secularism?

A: Dr. Craig responded by saying that it is interesting to note that apologetics was once more encompassing (i.e. including, for example, defense against cults such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or the LDS).  As time went on, however, people realized that secularism is more significant of a threat.  This is why you are currently seeing such a heavy focus on this particular worldview.


Q: How do average Joes (or Joans), who are not able to commit to full time studies, learn to defend the faith like yourself?

A: Take a look at this YouTube video.  It is a segment from Senior Pastor Todd Wagner’s interview with Dr. Craig at Watermark Community Church.  Of course, if you want to defend the faith like Dr. Craig debating secularists and atheists of all stripes from some of the most prestigious universities, you would have to commit to full time studies.  But, you will find that you are very well equipped to deal with most people even if you were to simply study through Dr. Craig’s On Guard.  If you need some reassurance, Dr. Craig recently spoke on the fine-tuning argument at UBC.  This speech was taken directly from this book.


Q1: Did you sneak around your wife and study during the evening or weekend at least once?!

Q2: How is it possible to earn two PhD’s and still spend every evening of the week with your wife?

A: Check out this video here.  Dr. Craig addresses your very questions.  Also, on the plane to Calgary, Dr. Craig spoke of his “single-mindedness” during his doctoral studies.  He removed from his life anything that could potentially detract him from his studies and family life.  It is a matter of setting your priorities straight, and this also helps with the efficient use of your time.  I also refer you to this Reasonable Faith podcast episode.  Dr. Craig offers some tips on studying that I believe will prove very helpful.

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