Jim Wallace Standing Strong Debrief

Standing Strong Debrief

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Extremely Motivating! That’s how I would describe the evening we spent with J. Warner Wallace at the Standing Strong parent seminar. Would you agree? What stood out for you?

Jim began by giving us a clear idea of what our kids will be up against as they go through school and after graduation. The numbers he gave of the young adults that leave their faith confirmed what our instincts were already telling us – it’s hard for kids to hang onto their faith.

The number one reason that young adults

state for leaving their faith behind: ‘Intellectual

Skepticism’. Difficult, unanswered questions. 

So how can we prepare our kids and our families to Stand Strong? Jim challenged us to move beyond ‘teaching’ to ‘training’.  Training is something that you do to prepare for a test. And we all know how much we learn if there is no test at the end compared to when we know we will be tested! He described the kind of tests he set up for his youth when he was in youth ministry. Quite extreme but effective! Though he cautioned that these types of experiences must be led by qualified and experienced leaders, the concept still stands and makes me wonder how I might prepare my kids in a similar, though perhaps less intense, way.

It became clear to me that waiting until high school begins to discuss truth and worldview questions is too late. Our children are already facing opposing worldviews through the media and in their schools. We must be alert to messages in the classroom, television and movies and be ready to talk about some of the things they are seeing now.

No matter what our children’s ages, the first step for all of us is to increase our own knowledge. There are some good resources for parents and families on the Parenting Reading List (download). If you missed Jim’s Standing Strong talk (download). You can also listen in as Andy Steiger and J. Warner Wallace debrief the week of ministry (download). Also the Apologetics Canada Conference is coming up on March 1st and 2nd! Those of us who heard Jim speak will be taking notes – for the sake of our families and our kids.

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