Back to School – Engaging the Mind.

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What books have you read over the summer? I love to read easy, feel-good books at the beach. I can relax, knowing the ending will be happy and enjoy living in the fictional world of the characters in the story. I haven’t delved deeply into the non-fiction titles on my list in the last few months.



The kids are back to school now and

we’re asking them to get their minds

back to learning. Are we ready to do

the same?

In their book titled “The Fallacy Detective” on teaching critical thinking to children and preteens, authors Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn state:

“The first problem that we need to address is this: Some of us don’t like to use our minds – period. Everyone loves to have fun, and some of us even love to work. But we all try to avoid using our minds as much as possible…. We must discipline our minds the same way an athelete exercises his body. We must exercise our minds so that it does not hurt anymore when we try to use them.This is the first quality of an inquiring mind.”  (pp 14-15)

The Scriptures ask us to love God with all our heart, soul and mind. Let’s dig in deeper this Fall. Let’s learn to ask questions that lead us to new answers and deeper knowledge. What is God asking you to pursue?

Apologetics Canada is committed to supporting parents and providing resources to help with the questions that come as kids grow.

Watch for further entries on this blog and special events for families coming soon!


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