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Taming Zombies and other evidence for the soul

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Taming Zombies: Evidence for the soul.

Our culture is fascinated by zombies. Besides every other movie, TV show and novel being about zombies we now have a growing interest in things like Zombie Proms, Zombie Marathons (Run for Your Lives), Zombie Walks and even Zombie Protesting. You can even purchase a host of products for fighting zombies (http://www.everythingyouneedtosurvive.com). Have you ever wondered why that is?
Join us at Gallagher’s Bar and Cafe Wednesday, August 29th at 7pm as Andy Steiger discusses the human fascination with zombies and what it says about us (with a time for Q&A). Our intuitive understanding of zombies provides some interesting insight into and evidence for the soul.

Andy will answer questions such as could zombies really exist, how they would speak and how they would behave as a backdrop to better understand the soul and what makes us human.

Our discussion about zombies will get you thinking about loving God with all your heart, mind and SOUL (Mark 12:30).

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