Highlights from the 2012 Apologetics Canada Conference

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This year was more than just a conference. During the week leading up to the conference two of our speakers arrived early and spoke at local schools. On Tuesday Dr. Paul Copan spoke at Trinity Western University and Friday morning Dr. JP Moreland spoke at Pacific Life Bible College. The students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to interact with these two leading thinkers.

My personal highlight of the conference was getting to spend time with each of the speakers. On Wednesday Nancy and I took the Copan’s, Paul and Jacki, to Whistler for the day. Paul being from Florida didn’t let the -7 degree weather stop him from wearing shorts for the day. He received a number of puzzled looks and awe inspired comments. On the drive the Copan’s fell prey to the beauty of British Columbia and had us pull over often to take pictures along the way. Besides taking in the scenery Paul and I talked philosophy and theology, a real joy.

The weekend of the conference was excellent and went off without a hitch: all the speakers arrived safely and on time and our 70+ volunteers all filled their roles with joy, a servant attitude and competence. Approximately 800 people attended the conference, 200 more than we had last year. There were 10 ministries presents with tables at the conference including Focus on the Family who interviewed me regarding the conference and promoted it the week before. Click here to read that interview. Focus on the Family has also written a follow-up article to the conference. Click here to read the review.

Friday evening began with worship led by the Ethos Worship Band and a video promoting the Thinking Series produced by Apologetics Canada. Thinking?: is a DVD series that addresses 5 of the most asked questions today in a way that engages the heart and sharpens the mind. Purchase your own Thinking Series DVD here: www.thinkingseries.com.

Our first plenary speaker was Dr. JP Moreland from Biola University who gave an intellectually robust and engaging talk on, “Loving God with All Your Mind.” Following his presentation there was 45 minutes of Q&A with the audience. For those in attendance this was nothing short of spectacular as JP graciously and precisely addressed difficult questions. Purchase your copy of the conference with Q&A from each session here.

Saturday morning Mary Jo Sharp, from Confident Christianity, started off the day strong with a practical and winsome talk entitled, “An Open Dialogue with an Atheist.” Mary Jo gave some excellent advice on speaking not only about your faith but how to converse with others that disagree with you in general. Her candor as a wife and parent connected with everyone and was at times quite funny.

Dr. Paul Copan, our second speaker Saturday morning, addressed the topic, “Is God a Moral Monster.” The title refers to Old Testament ethics often brought up by the New Atheist in criticizing Christianity. By far, Paul received the most tweeted questions during his session demonstrating the topics interest and complexity. After each session we filmed our speakers responding to these tweeted questions. Paul addressed nearly every question and with a depth of knowledge that was humbling.

Nine different breakout sessions began after lunch with speakers addressing a host of topics. This year we even included a session entitled, “Apologetics in your High School.” To our amazement nearly every breakout room was maxed and people were often sitting on the floor. It was truly awesome to see the keen interest of those present to take in as much as they could. Click here to purchase the audio recording of the breakout sessions.

The conference ended on a strong note Saturday evening as homicide detective Jim Warner Wallace, a former atheist, demonstrated the reliability of scripture through the same process he examines a crime scene. His presentation on circumstantial evidence, direct evidence and the chain of custody was truly unique and engaging for all. He then ended by presenting the gospel and sharing his personal experience. I don’t know if anyone accepted Christ but I do know a number of people asked to be prayed for and around 300 people signed up for his notes. To learn more about Jim Warner Wallace and get his notes visit his website at: pleaseconvinceme.com.

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