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Update: Thursday, November 24, 2011

What an amazing weekend, the Insider’s Perspective was a huge success! Special thanks to all who made it possible: Immanuel Church and some 30 volunteers. On Saturday we trained between 250 – 300 people to intelligently and graciously share their faith. On Sunday morning the Former Muslim shared his testimony and in the afternoon taught a three-hour seminar on Muslim Evangelism with over 200 people in attendance. The feedback we have received from this conference has been tremendous. In fact, we have already heard from a college student who told us she had the opportunity to put into practice what she learned in a meaningful conversation about Jesus with an atheist friend. Many others have also told me how invaluable this information is in helping them share their faith. What’s next? The Apologetics Canada Conference (March 9-10, 2012) is off to a great start, we sold 120 tickets for it at the Insider’s Perspective. Tickets are currently on a Super Early Bird sale @ Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to engage your heart and sharpen your mind!

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Sharing the gospel in today’s culture is easier than you think! Join us for a day of training by some of the best. Purchase your tickets at Seating is limited so don’t wait… Keynote speaker, Greg Koukl, will be teaching strategies for sharing your faith through apologetics and meaningful non-threatening conversations. Many of you will remember Greg from the Apologetics Canada Conference (Which will be on March 9th-10th, 2012. Info coming soon!). We enjoyed Greg so much last year we are bringing him back for three sessions. Listen to an interview with Greg Koukl and Andy Steiger. Joining Greg are four special guests from all over the country: a former Muslim, former Sikh, former Jehovah Witness and former Mormon. They will be speaking at the breakout sessions on their insider’s perspective with time for Q&A. For the safety of our speakers and the nature of their ministry we are not publishing their names nor will their sessions be recorded. PLEASE NOTE: this event is NOT for non-Christians! This is NOT an evangelistic event. The purpose of this seminar is to train Christians to share the gospel.

Presented by Apologetics Canada and Immanuel Fellowship Baptist Church

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  1. My aunt just attended this conference this past weekend and said it was EXCELLENT! Is there any talk of a similar thing being done in Kelowna? We’ve got the space and I’m sure the interest as well. Thank you and God bless all the work you’re doing!!!

      1. Do you guys need anything to help it come here? (location, numbers of people, etc.) I’m sure it takes a LOT to get everything all together so I can see it being not until next year or something. Just checking if there’s any buttons I can push on this side to help things move forward for this year or next. Thanks!

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