A ‘Hub’ for Canadian Apologetics

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Being a Christian apologist can sometimes be a lonely effort. It seems that many people working in the church often do not acknowledge the need for apologetics ministries. Unless you work closely with some other ministry, you can feel somewhat on your own.

Apologetics Canada can help by bringing apologists together, whether in the virtual world on the Internet, or in person at conferences. This way, we can all share information, techniques, and gain exposure, but also give one another some often needed support and advice.

The first phase is this ‘blog’ site, which will feature events, apologists and their ministries, as well as apologetics related articles. The second phase will be adding a discussion board with both private and public sections to promote discussion among apologists, as well as to provide an area in which to network or work out the details of upcoming events.

Photo: geodesic hub assembly by jared

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