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March 1st & 2nd, 2013 @ Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, B.C.

Dr. William Lane Craig
Biola University
Dr. Andy Bannister
Director of
RZIM Canada
M.D. John Patrick
President of
Augustine College
J. Warner Wallace
L.A. Homicide Detective
 Andy Steiger
Director of
Apologetics Canada


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Friday, March 1st: Doors open at 5:30 pm. Conference runs 7:00 – 9:00 pm (Q&A 9:15 – 10:00 pm).

Saturday, March 2nd: Doors open at 7:00 am. Conference runs 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.


Northview Community Church – 32040 Downes Road, Abbotsford, BC V4X 1X5

Check HERE for maps and accommodations.

Main Sessions:

Dr. William Lane Craig – Is Belief in God Reasonable?

Dr. Andy Bannister – Engaging a World of Competing Beliefs

Dr. John Patrick – A Medical Doctor’s Prognoses for Culture

J. Warner Wallace – Cold-Case Christianity

Andy Steiger – Rethink Apologetics

Breakout Sessions:

Dr. Peter Flint – Biblical Accuracy and The Dead Sea Scrolls

Director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute, Trinity Western University

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the greatest archaeological discovery of modern times. This talk – richly illustrated with PowerPoint – presents the Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls, and how they confirm the accuracy of the Bible. We will also discover several new readings in the Scrolls that are so powerful that they are back in many English Bible translations. Dr. Flint will take you behind the scenes into the Museum vault to see the oldest Psalms scroll in the world and the Great Isaiah Scroll!

Dr. Leslie Wickman – Exploring the Wonders of Creation from the Lens of Science

Director of the Center for Research in Science (CRIS) at Azusa Pacific University

Is it a mere coincidence that modern science arose in Western Europe? How does the inductive process of the Scientific Method work? Are Science and Theology really at odds with each other? Is there any common ground in today’s marketplace of ideas? Questions of probabilities, random chance and the multiverse hypothesis are discussed.

Dr. Paul Chamberlain – When You’re Challenged, What Then: 5 Steps for Responding Effectively to Objections to the Faith

Director of the Institute of Christian Apologetics and professor of apologetics, ethics and philosophy of religion at Trinity Western University

Do you ever freeze up when someone challenges or questions your faith or lifestyle?  Do you wish you were better equipped to respond persuasively?  Have you wondered how anyone can be prepared for so many objections?  In this session, we will set out key principles and strategies anyone can use to respond more confidently to questions and challenges we face.

Dr. Matthew Etherington – Does God Make a Difference: Taking Religion Seriously in Our Schools and Universities

Assistant professor of Education at Trinity Western University

A comprehensive public education should initiate students into secular and religious ways of understanding the world. The framework that shapes much of K-12 and university education is one of secular indoctrination. This presentation suggests how education in North America can embrace a serious perspectival study of religion. To do anything less is to mis-educate and indoctrinate students with a thin secular view of the world.

Dr. Andy Bannister – Engaging the Islamic Worldview

Director of RZIM Canada

Islam is growing rapidly here in Canada and many of us may encounter Muslims at work, at school, or in our communities. Even if we don’t, we can’t escape the subject when we turn on the TV news or open our newspapers. So what do Muslims believe? What are the origins of Islam? How does the Islamic worldview differ from what Christians believe? How can we befriend our Muslim neighbors so as to effectively share Christ with them?

Jeff Bucknam / Kyle Meeker – Cultural Filters: Re-Forging Assumptions that Obscure the Gospel Among Young Adults

Senior Pastor Northview Community Church / Youth Pastor Northview Community Church

Young Adult culture is embedded with filters, morphing the message of the Good News into good advice. The message that is heard is often not the message that is meant. The apostles had this communicative challenge; so do we. Explore this part of the apologetic task, forging worshippers (heart, mind, soul, and strength) of the Conquering King.

Chris Price / Jon Morrison – Youth Apologetics Track

Senior Pastor Calvary Baptist (Coquiltam, BC) / Co-Director of Apologetics Canada

Are you in high school, a parent of a teenager or or a youth worker? These breakout sessions are designed with you in mind. In session one, Chris Price will investigate the evidence for the existence of God. Chris will give helpful analogies and pictures that will strengthen your faith and help you pass it on to your friends. In session two, Apologetics Canada co-director, Jon Morrison will look at the faith and science discussion and how youth, parents and youth workers can navigate through this important topic. Chris and Jon will draw on their many years of speaking, writing and working in youth ministry to make these sessions light-hearted, creative and fun. People of all ages will want to be a part of it.

Steve Tsai – Really, Miracles?

Radio Host on Apologetics.com in (Los Angeles, CA)

Are miracles rational to believe in? What amount of evidence would ever justify belief in a miracle? Don’t all religions make miracle claims, thereby cancelling each other out? These, as well as other objections to the miraculous will be addressed and answered. Learn how to rationally defend the idea of the miraculous against various skeptical challenges.

Sam Welbaum – An Argument for God from Beauty

Radio Host on Apologetics.com in (Los Angeles, CA)

People are drawn to what is beautiful, and they see what draws them to be beautiful. When a person sees something as beautiful, it sparks love and enjoyment. This session is about using apologetics as a means of displaying God’s beauty as opposed to winning an argument and in turn seeing people drawn to enjoy the beautiful God who is.

Russ Brechbiel – Tools, Tips and Techniques for Understanding Difficult Bible Passages

Senior Pastor The Source Church (Portland, OR)

Ever had a Bible passage leave you perplexed? Ever had a visitor from a cult explain the Bible in a way that just doesn’t jive, but you’re not sure how to respond? We will look at how you can “exegete” the meaning of difficult/controversial/ misinterpreted passages using sound technique and user-friendly tools to help bring you to a clearer and more confident understanding.

Jeremy Livermore – Can Science Prove God?

Radio Host on Apologetics.com in (Los Angeles, CA)

Are science and Christianity at odds? Has science disproven God? Can science prove God? How should Christians respond to these sort of questions? In this session, we will demonstrate the usefulness but also the limits of science. Ultimately, we will make the case that science supports the Christian worldview as we examine recent scientific observations that reveal a stunning universe.

Robin Martens – Relevant Faith – Meeting the Apologetic Need in Local Church Discipleship

Interim Lead, Discipleship Pastor

The high dropout rate among 18-29 year olds is essentially a “faith-development problem” (David Kinnaman, You Lost Me, 21). Moreover, churches have not adequately engaged this generation, and their rapidly changing culture, with the relevancy of the gospel. Explore how apologetics can revitalize local church discipleship and powerfully commend the faith to both young and old.

Michael Horner – Atheism and the Burden of Proof

Philosopher, Teacher and Blogger for Power to Change

In almost every debate over the existence of God that I’ve been involved in for the last 30 years, atheists refuse to accept any burden of proof for their position that there is no God. I will show that ultimately this is not their real position and it is not even answering the question that is being debated – “Does God Exist?” I call again for atheists to accept their share of the burden of proof on this issue of God’s existence.

Dr. John Patrick – Manipulating Human Society; the New Eugenic Consequences of Molecular Biology

President of Augustine College

Learn to prepare for the ethical problems which will emerge as the moral consensus fractures in our society. In this session, we will discuss: What can we know about ethics? How should we approach the post-modern world? What are the dangers of decisions based on science alone? The tyranny of the measurable: what are we doing with genomic data?

Logos Bible Software – Basic & Advanced Training


Worship will be led by Northview Community Church in the main sanctuary and the Ethos Worship Band in Centre Court. (Centre Court is a smaller venue inside Northview which will be a live video feed of the conference. Come early if you would prefer a seat in the main sanctuary.)

Conference Breakfast:

Are you a interested in Bible College or Seminary? Do you want more apologetics training? Do you like to eat breakfast? If so, join us on March 2nd at the conference from 7:00am-7:50am for a $5 breakfast in West Court at Northview. This breakfast is hosted by Apologetics Canada, ACTS Seminary and Pacific Life Bible College. There will be a special presentation / meet & greet with Homicide Detective J. Warner Wallace and other conference speakers. There is limited room available so register soon! Register at: http://acts.twu.ca/about/news-and-events.html#ACC

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